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  1. GiiBz

    Is there anybody out there????..........

  2. I don't think it would work u will probebly hurt your self. But it will probebly be a good idea if your on the highway and u don't want to hold x all the time and they should have a speed setting. And the good posted idea is if u jump out and the cops will chase a emtey car it is a good lurer. The sun roof idea is great.
  3. They already confirmed that.
  4. The police should have more units and techiques in the game like this for example: 1 star: the police pull u over and u get a warning or a ticket. 2 stars: if u don't pull over the police starts chacing. 3 stars: they start getting violent and they are calling for backup. 4 stars: more cars join pursuit and a heli joins too. 5 stars: the SWAT is called in u better get out of there. (note: if u lose them in a building or somthing they will start searching.) 6 stars: another heli flies in to action and more units join in the chase or search. ( the helicopter starts shooting at u at 5 stars.) 7 stars: the FBI is called. 8 stars: Get the hell out of there the military is out to get u!! There is a way to get out of this, the police have portable radios and u can shoot out, and this will help u not get into this trouble, just shoot it and the cop out and get out of there scott free. This wish go for other civilians in the game too. And another way is to follow the law and go the speed limit. There should be a cheat or option that says no cops on the road or no speed limit, because some people might not like this wish. Any other idias about this topic.
  5. If you go swimming in this new game you should have underwater weapons like harpoons, spears etc. And there should be scuba gear you can put on and you can stay in the water longer. You can drive yahts, bigger boats, and even ships. You can join the police. Here is how you should do it. It will be like a mission but it is not you go to one of those markers at a police academy ( i hope u put a police academy in the game) and you will enter the mission like thing then u will have to do test and if u pass all of them the police will welcome you to the force. This will allow u to speed, shoot, pull people over, and more stuff that is illegal. And if there is any call u can go to to it, this means police, fire and EMS calls. If u don't want to be with the police, u can go aganst them and get kicked off and arrested if u don't get away. U don't have to go in the marker to be a cop u can just be a regular civilion. Some people probebly won't like it. I just want to arrest the gangs that mess w/ me.
  6. You should be able to do a drive-by w/ any Weapon and u can chose any direction to shoot. And u can start your own gang and have some come w/ u in the vehicle and thay w/ help u shoot When u give the command any time. W/ a tow truck you can go to a parked car or truck and u take them to your garage. U know the packer, you can put the cars on it and take them to the garage. At the garages u can put more cars in the garages. The cops have walkie talkies. If u get pulled over the cop will report u on the radio, or if u are commiting a crime the cop will report u too. But there is a a bit of help, u can shoot out there radio. This stradagy is perfomed in "Medel Gear Solid 2".
  7. This game should have big Elevations. Also the game should have 18 wheelers with the trailers. The moon should be regular size insted of a big giant. Threr are fire calls and you see fire trucks leaving the fire house from the garages. same with ambulances. Bycycles, skateboards, and more! You know how in gta 3 thay had you go and get cars and bring them to the garages, well I want the same but with the emergencey vehicles the icon is at the police, fire, hospitals. So if you want a cop car you can just go to the police station hospital, Military base etc. Last double post
  8. You can go into more buldings including Police depts, Fire depts, Hospitals, bars, and much more. You can see cops arresting other people just like the way thay do to you like I whet I said in my previose wish. You can have a shofer to give you rides around even if you are not in a mission, you can just press triangle near the back seat and you get in and just sit back and realax.Taxies are included. If you die the game will enter a movie scene the shows the ambulance coming to pick you up, the people put you in the back of the ambulance. and they drive away then you will end up in the hospital lobby.Same if you get arrested. If there is a fire fire truck come in, there is ladder trucks, pumpers, cheif's trucks (SUVS)or pick ups. THere are structure fires, car, brush and more. You can start these fires as well. When you go to the fire dept the fire trucks are in the garage and if you take it out it will not regenerate in the garage unless you trash the truck. There is real damage the hoods actully buckle and so as the rest of dimenions of the car including the roof. No exploding. unless you put a bomb in the vehicle.
  9. If the police pulls u over u will ether get tickets, warnings, or arrests, depending on the violation. Every time u get arrested, a ticket, or warning a movie scene comes on. A officer comes out and gives u a ticket, warning, or arrests u and puts u in the back of the cop car.
  10. This game should have real life gangs and Hot sports cars.
  11. -8 stars in sted of 6 stars for example: 1 star police pull u over and give u a ticket or a warning. 2 stars police have been giving u too many chances now thay are starting to call for backup. 3 stars police starts getting violent more cruisers join pursuit (no helicopter yet). 4 stars thay are getting more violent, they are starting to set up road blocks and spike strips, then the helicopter comes into action. 5 stars Swat comes in and not afraid to take a shot at you NOTE:if you are in a building the swat team has tear gas and they are going to look for u in that building. 6 stars another helicopter joins in so u have 2 of them on you. 7 stars a s*** load of FBI agents joining the action. 8 stars THE MILITERY in real looking tanks and barracks OLs. In the back of the barracks is 10 army men that wants u dead. If u go to a airport or mall or any thing that has security thay will join with the police. Aspecialy the airport if you don't have stars and u go to the restricted area in the airport u will get stars starting with 2 and airport security with go after along with the police.So u must have a place to go to get permission to go in the restricted area.I like a little challenge while I play this game.
  12. The Police act realistic. Like when you go over the speed limit and the police catch you while on the road driving or on the side doing radar. Better Police vehicles (real companies like ford) these are the cars and trucks I want: 2003 Ford Crown Victoria (regular cruiser) 2003 Ford Expolror (suv traffic unit) 2000 Ford panel van (paddy wagon) I like the swat trucks they already have in the prevous gta games. Police tanks can be great. Police sport cars will good too like the Corvette or Lambergini or something. Edit from Bigz: Please don't double post
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