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  1. i still like the "GTA: london" thing the best i think R* can do alot better than who-ever made Getaway. i look forward to seeing the minis, london taxi cabs, double decker buses, the london underground (i loved the subway in GTA3), taking a dip in the Thames river and also seeing Big Ben, the dome and sipering from the london eye. there is also a chinise area in london too. the main caracter could be one of Kent Pauls mates. well i think R* can do that. like GTA: SA you can have gang members on you or not. i sometimes hacve gang members around with me sometimes i don't
  2. PS2 is a thing that reads disks in one go but if r* did it on the PS1 with GTA & london, then i don't see why not. this is how a duel layer disk works "alot of DVD's are dual layer" err.. ..no thay are not
  3. 1) Well....I just got a map off the net and printed it off and marked the packages I found (still have 10 I need to get) 2) Don't see why not. 3) Hopefully about 300 (100 for each city) 4) weapons for hideout and more vehicles like:- b52's, black hawk chopper's, chinook's and apc's 5) would be nice Plus I'd like to see forklifts in industry areas!!! (like i go for a walk into an industrial area near my place as i see forklifts everywhere and I think they are MINT!)
  4. the siz and all the costumization may be pushing the PS2 to its limits, like driver2 did to the Playstation. which now brings me to the PS3, the PS3 will proberbly take anything it erm "reads" and produce ultra fine graphics every time. So I think rockstar is only warming up, which means more great game for the future!!! GTA forever!!! PS3 will rule like PS2 did!!! Playstation forever!!!
  5. deffinatly other.. i would love to see a forklift-truck!!!
  6. does this mean the PSP may have a chance to host GTA too (when it comes out) ? if not why do GBA get the game and PSP does not? reasons why the PSP will be good... Its portable (Playstation Portable). Will be able to have 801:22b (or whatever it was) which is wireless LAN. perfect for "multi theft auto" (mutiplayer). hods up to 1.2GB data on one disk (maybe too small for GTA but must be better than the GBA carteridge thing). has USB ports for data storage (possable downloadable car off the web site e.g. cars like PC vice city a.k.a. MODS). will have more bottons than a GBA including shoulder bottons R1 + L1 no R2 + L2 though. err need to check ny PSM2 mag for more info...........that all do for now PSP WILL RULE!!! PSP will be the death of Game Boy! GBA sucks! GTA rules!
  7. in PSM2 they were on about GTA VC could be on PSP and would include mutliplayer with the wireless broadband thingy ......er.... 802.11b(wi fi)wireless LAN cool or what? they could get rid of some of the music to make it smaller can someone tell me how much the PC GTA;VC disk size is? PSP disk (UMD) size is 1.2GB i think vice city should fit on it.
  8. i aready put them ideas down before!!! git!!! well....this thing with the car transporter...nice! what about the Chinook carrying tanks and apc's?................ ...........see... "COOL CAR IDEAS!" and i'd like that mod...(pc i serpose, still have it though. ps2 save would be good)
  9. I like the columbian cartel there gang cars are MINT! (blue van things)
  10. I think GTA SA will apear on PSP but it an't confermed yet. pitty if it an't, it still will be a good game.
  11. done it last saturday!!! wiv me cousin. nice experience! cool
  12. (sp) = spelling {i like bein' helpful....te he!}
  13. i don't care about "gamecube", "Xbox" or other S#!T like that! just PS2 'n' PC for me! not forgetin' PSP also cumin' soooooooon (I can't wait!! he,he!)
  14. MMMMMMMM more packages meens more prizes (I LIKE!) as long as we get the ones above as well!!! then cool!
  15. well i what to have the last lot.... m2 .50 cal machine gun hmmwn “humvee” armoured personnel carrier mh-60 black hawk helicopter Chin hook helicoper bomber "b52" Chinook load your cars on to them and take it to your safe house or what! the most coolest!!!! even the b52................. just imagine flying one if them around the gloden gate bridge in sunny San Andreas!
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