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  1. Killer_69

    Who Do You Want!

    I would like: :Bigger Map :Able to drag dead bodies :Able to kidnap people and take them to a hideout then demand ransom :More weather and lots of natural disasters :In lightning storms lightning should hit people/buildings, and if your in a plane/helicopter you lose control :Different mission pathways, (you should be able to choose a gang you want to join) :You should start in a hotel (like vc) but at the beggining have a choice over which hotel :More realistic car damage :Smarter Police :More realistic police, (they should chace you in a pursuit insted off trying to bash your car up). :A lot more building interior :Able to walk around in first person view :First person view in cars, (so you can see the dashboard and have to look out the windscreen :Ability to turn lights on and off, including indicators :Ability to turn car control form automatic to manual :A speedometer would be good, but you should be able to turn it off :Everyday happenings :Ability to grab onto vehicals while there moving, (including planes helicopters and boats) :Cars should brake down, (but not all the time) I can't think off anymore now, but it would be nice to have these.
  2. Killer_69

    Area 69 war stories

    Something like that happened to me. I saw the aircraft carrier and decided to land on it, but as i was low, i got 5 stars.I pulled up, and saw a jet fly buy, so i tied to follow it, but it shot a missile at me, and it hit. I was about to jump out but crashed into a petrol station. Now i just get them same jet and have a dog fight, which is cool. :!:
  3. Killer_69

    Funny SA happenings

    When I was in Los Santos, i was just parked outside a pizza shop, when my car suddenly flew forwards and set on fire. There was an explosion, so i got out of my car and ran, then the car exploaded. I turned around to see what had happened, and saw a blown up plane behind my blown up car. Then I was ran over by a fire truck, and that killed me.
  4. Killer_69

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    I think there should be all sorts of wild animals roaming around that you can kill. Even horses to ride and trample people. I also think there should be maps set all over the world, like england, australia, not just america. I also think in gta 4 they should get the gta3, vc and sa maps and add them in, so you can fly there from other places.
  5. Killer_69

    crap cars

    I Hate the Oceanics. There Shit. They should all be destroyed.