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  1. This dude was amazing! :P

  2. NitroOxid3

    The PSP

    is a LAN like a network adaptor cause i wanna play online with my psp, by the way i think you can downlaod music if you know a site because there is a web brouser in wipeout pure and when u put it to the pc and adjust it abit you can acsess the interent like go on google and stuff it was this hack i found while looking on the internet i want a psp but the uk date is june i think i need to know this 100% i want it in like 2 weeks cause my b/d is then,i was pondering of getting a u.s.a version but whats the differauce. and what is your favorite game on the psp????
  3. NitroOxid3

    Buy GTA LCS

    cant wait
  4. NitroOxid3


    good luck
  5. NitroOxid3

    SPANK Central Drup Shop

    sorry double post but someone said about what the item could be like change username item what could happen that day you bought the drugs when u type a message on this forum it changes to wierd stuff that no one can understand,lol that would be cool
  6. NitroOxid3

    SPANK Central Drup Shop

    i wish this could be a real shop on the gtashop bit and the drugs are real items
  7. NitroOxid3


    im getting it to ive seen them there cheap but i hoped it could hold more songs and there is special movies for the psp now what is twisted metal like
  8. NitroOxid3

    Do you want a bulletproof sabre ?

    but the sabre is still cool tho
  9. NitroOxid3

    my website

    nice site
  10. NitroOxid3

    GTA Space

    well if gta keeps going and becoming even even better this would be the new location (hope you like it lol)
  11. NitroOxid3

    The PSP

    what is that twisted metal game about i think its racing but is it like any other games like that
  12. NitroOxid3

    I found latest info on ps3

    that will be out in like 4 years
  13. NitroOxid3

    Bryce's Official Shop

    nice but i prefer the non animated one
  14. NitroOxid3

    Who Do You Want!

    what caracter would you like in the new gta4
  15. NitroOxid3

    should grove be in it

    just start a new place with new character with new gangs so no.