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  1. place the car where your meant to, click LMB. exit the car and run fromthe factory
  2. 5 bigfoot? alright wtf... this is abviously screwed sideways. and a mission to kill 4 bigfoot, bah.
  3. i just completed mission "End of the line" which is final mission
  4. Zeraek

    LCS in SA

    how do i get the data off a PS2 disk?
  5. i can fix it up to make it work. really all i want is map data
  6. could some one kindly post the LCS Gta.dat onto here please, i wish to add it to my SA, for multiplayer use.
  7. how the hell did u get urs working lol. i added all 144 (0-143) and nothing happened (added into GTA3.img btw)
  8. Zeraek

    LCS in SA

    2problems there. i dont have GTA LSC, and i dunno how to get it into DAT form. cud sum 1 else get it plz, it wud be appreciated
  9. Zeraek

    LCS in SA

    is it possible togeta mod that transfers LCS mapdata into SA, making it that you can evplore both cities? this thought cameto me while playing SA-MP, and travelling into the small,St Marks Bistro area, and you fall through everything else.
  10. my friend grabbed a hunter from abandoned airstrip and flew it to highest hieght, then bailed. he parachuted instantly and then bailed it, falling around 1200 feet. he fell for about 40 seconds, then hit the ground, with about 5% of his health left. then as soon as he got up, a taxi hit him, killing him.
  11. Yes there is, check this out Link download v.111. ( better ) which 1 i get? lol
  12. it doesnt take over original GTA SA i hope...
  13. searched it, coulnt find anything my bad. here it is. (psst how do i upload it?)
  14. hmmm if any... probly a large paddlesteamer or freight ship. but not for transport, for side missions like gta sa freight train missions
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