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    I love all the Grand Theft Auto games. I like a variety of thing, to much to tell! But if you want to know more about me, here's my myspace: www.myspace.com/danledoux

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  1. 'Ey meng, how's it going?

    I just wanna tell that'cha got a great avy' :-)

  2. I know that all the GTAs, except for San Andreas the fi=rst edition, which re-released as an Adults Only Rating. Do you think GTA IV will be Mature or Adults Only?
  3. I'm not sure if it is real or not, but it looks it... http://i109.photobucket.com/albums/n78/dmf...qjpreviewth.jpg
  4. Will there be a version for the PC?
  5. In my opinion, I think the graphics for this game blow. Even GTA 3's graphics are better than this.
  6. I lOVE all the songs on it, but my favorite is Automatic by The Pointer Sisters.
  7. Thanks, I love the game. I was just makin sure.
  8. I have noticed so many things that I am not sure if it is the game, or my copy. Well, first, I've noticed that in GTA 3, you can't punch cars, the voices of people talking echo, I can't aim ay guns, and there is no map. Is this normal, or whats the deal? I've never noticed this on any other version.
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