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  1. They'll probably have mafia plus drugs. 2
  2. GTA III, no doubt in my mind. It has the best atmosphere and some serious kick ass mods.
  3. They should definitely bring back the Sentinel XS from Vice City. That and also a 2007 Infernus, and also a special edition 1986 Infernus.
  4. Pittsburgh Steelers, Los Angeles Lakers, and Florida Marlins.
  5. Everyone in the Leone Mafia family,, and Ray, for giving you the bullet-proof Patriot.
  6. My Wishlist -Lots of Easter Eggs -Customizable weapons, and more in-depth car customizing -No required eating, food should only be a health boost. -Top down view option, like they had in III. -Gambling. -Better manual aiming system. -Being able to ride the roller coaster on Carney Island
  7. Hey guys, I'm new here, but I've been a member at a couple other forums for a few months, but I'll do my best to stay active here.
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