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  1. I love map modes This is going to be the best
  2. O no Something is not working When I connect to server my pc simply goes into GTA:SA regural game... Help please
  3. Initialization failed! Plese reinstall
  4. Have a look at my problem it's always the same error.. I added a picture error.bmp
  5. I have dowloaded SA:MP many times but always it's the same error ;( I added a picture have a look please error.bmp
  6. Ok i dowloaded GXT editor i went into SA directory i found that file... But where must i extract it? and what read only box are you talking about? I also went into GXT editor but there was only mission script... Please help
  7. Hi, i just learned how to put on new car skins, but cars names are still the same... For exp: My elegy is now BMWM3 but how can i change elegy name to BMWM3???
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