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  1. i miss ur randomness

  2. Where have you been? The forums are a little grumpier without you :(

  3. Someone told me you like to stick your dick in pink stuff is that true?


  5. y hello thar!!! w00t

  6. You bumped a three month old topic there On topic: I used to, but since I have so many mods installed I decided not to play anymore until I have to reinstall the game for some reason.
  7. No it cant... CD cracks use the dll files and the exe file only. Not that I know much about it So why are you arguing with some guy who probably knows a little bit more on the subject than you do? I'm going to leave now, this topic is basically useless now.
  8. I will laugh at this waste of space.
  9. Hai! My name is Drew Pickles and I'm zero percent straight!
  10. Umm... No it isn't... It's illegal to share the exe and dll files used to crack the game. Although, it was legal to make an exe that showed your coords in the bottom corner... So, no... It isn't illegal, that's what billions of people do when they share modded main.scm's for download. I was referring to the original SCM file when I said that. Even if it is legal (and I'm sure it isn't) to share the original SCM file, TGTAP wouldn't allow it, as the original could be used to complete the missing parts (if any) of a No-CD crack.
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