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    San Andreas
  1. hahahaguy

    funniest thing ever

    I had 6-stars and tanks were chasing me. I got in a pay-n-spray and when i got out, i saw a soldier getting in his tank. Since i have nothing better to do, i followed the tank. The tank soon rammed into some citizen's car and both the ped and the soldier got out and started fighting. Surprisingly, the soldier must have thought that he was powerful enough without using his M4. Both of them started to fight. The soldier got pwned and the ped casually got in his car and drove off. As for me, I stole the soldier's M4 and got in the tank and drove it to a garage
  2. hahahaguy

    Favorite cutscene

    The one where Catalina rapes CJ in her hideout
  3. hahahaguy

    Least Favourite Mission

    Zero's missions, robbing uncle sam, and the stupid mission in LV where you use a Dodo to get behind a freaking Shamal.
  4. hahahaguy

    Prefered Casino

    Four Dragons cuz u can save outside and keep playing roulette for 1mil per try and if u fail just reload. I prefer the looks of four dragon anyway.
  5. hahahaguy

    Best 6 star getaway car

    Patriot. I prefer endurance to speed. Worst thing that can happen is you're at full speed and a rhino goes in front of you... I guess I'm a pessimist...
  6. hahahaguy

    Favorite Radio Station(s)

    Radio Los Santos and WCTR, K Rose sometimes.