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  1. I wasn't even legally allowed to play GTA when I joined here because looking at my old profile picture of me standing on tower bridge, I must've been 13/14. Luckily the last thing I downloaded on my PC was someone trying to calm a potato down, so it is a fitting swap. I see a few names here that I remember! Hey there folks! It's been an age a while. Eh, since I was last active here? Jumps over 10 years in time. I finished high school, moved away from home briefly to go to university and study graphic design, which I've graduated in and working in retail now. I still play GTA, recently finished the story of GTA V again a week ago (so I could do some achievement hunting on console) but mostly I spend my life on discord or playing Overwatch these days.
  2. Happy New Year guys! I may make a return but I keep saying that, so who knows. GTA V being around the corner is a perfect opportunity to get TGTAP back to what it was in terms of activity. Nice changes thus far ^^
  3. Belated Happy New Year / Christmas to all :3

  4. Happy birthday man

  5. Hey man, you been missing or something? D:

  6. Commenting at 3am? No school today or what? xD

  7. I can haz mudkipz trolololol - mmk

  8. O hai. Been a long time, how's it doing?

  9. Month late but Happy Birthday! Also Merry Christmas, oh yeah, and Happy New Year! :P I really ought to come on here more often... How you been lately?

  10. I feel somewhat bad, I used to contribute a lot to this forum and I still feel like a part of the community despite going, as one could say "AWOL" for the near part of a year, coming back once every two or three months. The big issue here isn't with the forums, it's that the GTA series has died because there has been a sheer lack of any information on any new game that could potentially be released in the next few years. That's what GTA communities need, a brand spanking new GTA game for everyone to get excited about. Moving swiftly on... As for the poll, I voted on the following: - New and more active staff: I feel somewhat guilty here as well, being a forum boss. I haven't been around to look after the Vice City Forum. With regards to this issue, it's weird that I know every single one of the staff members and I have only been gone a year and a half - in other words, it's practically the same since I left, except there's no Spaz The Great anymore. - Extra site features and new types of content: Self explanatory, although I'm not quite sure what needs to be added but it would be certainly a good addition. - Focus on the gang system again: I would totally rejoin the Fiore Family Mafia if it were to be recreated, of course, the gang system would need to be rebooted. I would never have a problem with the gang system, in fact, it kept me on here when I was bored. It will certainly increase activity but I know that not everyone will be for this option. I gave me some great memories to say the least. In the likely event that after I post this message I won't be seen for another 2 months (Facebook and MSN non-inclusive for those who have either), I would like to wish you good luck in revamping and hopefully bringing the forums back up to its former glory, or better. Alternatively, I could try to come on here more often, I miss talking to some of you guys, especially Scott., Spider-Vice, mpilk, Gerard and so on... it could be good to return as a full time member
  11. Uh... a bit late but my third Happy New Year in a row to the TGTAP!

  12. Blimey... it's pretty dead here :(

    1. Gerard


      Yep, Chris refuses to do anything :/

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