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  1. It was awesome! It makes me even more extatic about it coming out!
  2. Sharp eye bro! I had to play it back on my PSP in frame advance. Your right. It was a fat cop just as you said. But still there needs to be more variations. not just the person, color, size, but gender and variations in the uniform and such. I don't want it to be like in the previouse ones, there are like three or so cop skins and that's it. I would also like to see some new police vehicles. I like the look of the regular cruiser this time around too. It looks like a taxi, but it looks way real. I wanna see some SUVs for the PD. So that gives it a variation of vehicles.
  3. I'd like to see unmarked PD cars too So its really a mystery on whether the car is a cop car, and the cop(s) inside the car are undercover too.
  4. Exactly! Yeah, it'd be really interesting to see some fat cops, skinny cops, some masculine women cops, etc. It'd also be cool to see K9 at 3 stars. The dog comes up and bites you down to the ground while the officers take you into custody. Just an idea...
  5. Just something we can all guess on: Do you think there'll be variety in the looks of the police? Or will they all be (basically) clones, like usual. It'd be nice to see some female officers out on the force too...
  6. http://www.piercehomelandsecurity.com/veh_.../LA_SWAT_lg.jpg I'd like to see something like this in GTA 4 in place of the old Enforcer, of course with a paint scheme similar to the police cruisers. EDIT: Or if we are lucky, we'll see something like this for the FBI vehicle: http://www.candiedskull.com/saints/images/fbi.jpg That is off of Saints Row. And maybe this paint scheme on the fire engines: http://seagrave.com/MySeagrave/ContentMana...ander%20II.jpeg And this scheme on the ambulances http://www.emtbravo.com/PhotoHunt/P3.jpg Sorry guys and gals, I go WAYYYYY out with the emergency equipment lol
  7. In reference to your post, MrLlamaLlama, it'd be really awesome if the FBI "Ranchers" would be bullet/smash-proof as well. And hopefully, we'll see lockable doors, where we can actually lock our car doors after getting in.
  8. lol that'd be awesome if they detailed emergency vehicles. Maybe if we're lucky, we'll have close replicas to the FDNY vehicles: paint scheme, Seagrave (all the way!), etc. It'd be awesome if they could add the Q siren to the fire engines . I agree, hopefully they'll detail the emergency vehicles as well.... Hopefully, they have looked into better activity and reactions to fire and medical calls to better the game. (i.e)- A building is on fire (lets say you used your flamethrower to torch the place). There is atleast a ladder company and an engine company that show up on scene and they treat it like a real-world fireground, they get out of their vehicle and fight the fire. Now that'd be some real action....or maybe my expectations for GTA 4 are wayyyyy too high......
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