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  1. GTA Control Center or GTA admin console keeps your car perfect 24/7.

    And if you want you could always type in "hesoyam" without the quotes. Gets kinda annoying though.

    But it also gets you money and full health & armor.

    EDIT: Oh, I just assumed you were on PC version. If you use xbox or ps2 it shouldn't be too hard to find the code replacing "hesoyam" on the internet.

  2. What do you mean? I didn't wear it when I started the game, I just went and bought it at a binco ( I think the cloth store is called that anyway ).

    EDIT: Anyway, I tried using the tuxedo instead and it worked. So I guess it solved now. But thanks anyway :D

  3. Hello, so I made this texture, replaced it in player.img and all, but it doesen't work in game, it's the same as before. Any ideás why and how to fix it ? If it matter it was the tshirt.txd i replaced.

    Love - Misc B)

  4. Driving through a town in the countryside yesterday (in real life) I saw a Subaru Impreza police car with spoilers (seriously), so I love the idea of modding ANY vehicle, because if you pay someone to do it, they'll do it. If you think it's stupid, don't do it, but may as well put it in the game.

    Well, mabye spoilers, hydraulics, new wheels and nitro would work but not like, EVERYTHING on it.

    And I never said anything about it being stupid. I just wouldn't like it. But I'm open for new things, :D .

    And also, for modding those kind of cars too, shouldn't that be like in a modding garage instead of a Pay and Spray?

    Or mabye there wont even be modding garages in IV?

    PS: Can you imagine a bigass firetruck with hydraulics :P .

    Love - Misc B)

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