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  1. GTA Control Center or GTA admin console keeps your car perfect 24/7. And if you want you could always type in "hesoyam" without the quotes. Gets kinda annoying though. But it also gets you money and full health & armor. EDIT: Oh, I just assumed you were on PC version. If you use xbox or ps2 it shouldn't be too hard to find the code replacing "hesoyam" on the internet.
  2. MiscFisk


    Guns = player.img cars and buildings = gta3.img
  3. MiscFisk

    Installing the "DeLorean" mod

    First of all you have to downgrade to version 1 with the downgrader. Sorry but I dont have a link but there should be a pinned topic. There is also another pinned topic about how you install mods.
  4. MiscFisk

    Need A little help.

    It doesen't go anywhere. You just start the trainer. You dont have to place it anywhere.. It's like that with every trainer i've used anyway
  5. MiscFisk


    I dont think so. If thats possible it's only by modding, mabye you can use a map editor or something. Sorry, I really suck at these things
  6. MiscFisk

    At last!

    Congrats! I also just got a new EAH2900XT card EDIT: Oh, I meant congrats to the new graphics card, not to the SA not working.
  7. MiscFisk

    Hardest Mission

    I dont know what it's called, the one for Zero where you have a little helicopter and you have to move barrels, bomb tanks and make bridges. It took me like 8 times to make it. I always ran out of time or the racercar died.
  8. MiscFisk

    Ingame Maddog pic

    Hello, does anyone have a ingame pic of maddog? I just changed CJ's texture to maddogs, and I want to see how good it it compared to "the real thing". Thanks in advance!
  9. MiscFisk

    Texture wont work

    What do you mean? I didn't wear it when I started the game, I just went and bought it at a binco ( I think the cloth store is called that anyway ). EDIT: Anyway, I tried using the tuxedo instead and it worked. So I guess it solved now. But thanks anyway
  10. MiscFisk

    Texture wont work

    Hello, so I made this texture, replaced it in player.img and all, but it doesen't work in game, it's the same as before. Any ideás why and how to fix it ? If it matter it was the tshirt.txd i replaced. Love - Misc
  11. MiscFisk

    stuck at the misson

    Doesen't it work with just using numpad ? Love - Misc
  12. MiscFisk

    Damn dancing mission

    I think it's arrow keys for dancing and numpad for lowriding. Love - Misc
  13. MiscFisk

    SA Multiplayer

    When the errors pop up just hold enter, that worked for me and all of my friends Love - Misc
  14. MiscFisk

    Multiplayer problem

    Do you have v1 of san andreas? Is gta_sa.exe and samp.exe allowed through your firewall? Sorry if i spelled bad, but in my defense, I just woke up Love - Misc
  15. MiscFisk

    vehicle creation!

    Click Me Love - Misc