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  1. GTA Control Center or GTA admin console keeps your car perfect 24/7. And if you want you could always type in "hesoyam" without the quotes. Gets kinda annoying though. But it also gets you money and full health & armor. EDIT: Oh, I just assumed you were on PC version. If you use xbox or ps2 it shouldn't be too hard to find the code replacing "hesoyam" on the internet.
  2. MiscFisk


    Guns = player.img cars and buildings = gta3.img
  3. MiscFisk

    Installing the "DeLorean" mod

    First of all you have to downgrade to version 1 with the downgrader. Sorry but I dont have a link but there should be a pinned topic. There is also another pinned topic about how you install mods.
  4. MiscFisk

    Need A little help.

    It doesen't go anywhere. You just start the trainer. You dont have to place it anywhere.. It's like that with every trainer i've used anyway
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    I dont think so. If thats possible it's only by modding, mabye you can use a map editor or something. Sorry, I really suck at these things
  6. MiscFisk

    At last!

    Congrats! I also just got a new EAH2900XT card EDIT: Oh, I meant congrats to the new graphics card, not to the SA not working.
  7. MiscFisk

    Hardest Mission

    I dont know what it's called, the one for Zero where you have a little helicopter and you have to move barrels, bomb tanks and make bridges. It took me like 8 times to make it. I always ran out of time or the racercar died.
  8. MiscFisk

    Ingame Maddog pic

    Hello, does anyone have a ingame pic of maddog? I just changed CJ's texture to maddogs, and I want to see how good it it compared to "the real thing". Thanks in advance!
  9. MiscFisk

    Texture wont work

    What do you mean? I didn't wear it when I started the game, I just went and bought it at a binco ( I think the cloth store is called that anyway ). EDIT: Anyway, I tried using the tuxedo instead and it worked. So I guess it solved now. But thanks anyway
  10. MiscFisk

    Texture wont work

    Hello, so I made this texture, replaced it in player.img and all, but it doesen't work in game, it's the same as before. Any ideás why and how to fix it ? If it matter it was the tshirt.txd i replaced. Love - Misc
  11. MiscFisk

    stuck at the misson

    Doesen't it work with just using numpad ? Love - Misc
  12. MiscFisk

    Damn dancing mission

    I think it's arrow keys for dancing and numpad for lowriding. Love - Misc
  13. MiscFisk

    SA Multiplayer

    When the errors pop up just hold enter, that worked for me and all of my friends Love - Misc
  14. MiscFisk

    Multiplayer problem

    Do you have v1 of san andreas? Is gta_sa.exe and samp.exe allowed through your firewall? Sorry if i spelled bad, but in my defense, I just woke up Love - Misc
  15. MiscFisk

    vehicle creation!

    Click Me Love - Misc
  16. MiscFisk


    I hope there will be some real fun ones. I really enjoy just cruising around the city doing alittle of this and that with cheats Love - Misc
  17. Well this is my plan: 1. Cruise the internet watching everybody brag about their new GTA IV. 2. Close the door to my room. 3. Go into closet. 4. Close closet doors. 5. Sit there, and wait wait wait until the PC version comes out. 6. Buy the game and play til' I go blind Love - Misc
  18. MiscFisk

    pay n spray

    Well, mabye spoilers, hydraulics, new wheels and nitro would work but not like, EVERYTHING on it. And I never said anything about it being stupid. I just wouldn't like it. But I'm open for new things, . And also, for modding those kind of cars too, shouldn't that be like in a modding garage instead of a Pay and Spray? Or mabye there wont even be modding garages in IV? PS: Can you imagine a bigass firetruck with hydraulics . Love - Misc
  19. MiscFisk

    pay n spray

    No, fixing up an ambulance or police car with spoilers and stuff doesen't sound too great. However being able to fix it would be nice. But I agree it should be a bigger price. Love - Misc
  20. MiscFisk

    steeling cars

    Mabye the peds will be able to call the cops or something if you dont kill them. And mabye the police will be after you if a car alarm goes off when you steal a parked car or something. Love - Misc
  21. MiscFisk


    Well, I dont really care if theres a country side or not. But I've never liked country sides. It's just so.. boring Love - Misc
  22. MiscFisk

    climbing light polls

    So if we will be able to climb light poles, shouldn't we be able do climb ladders? Love - Misc
  23. Damn I accidently voted xbox360, I wanted to vote PC. Anyway I never liked consoles and I have always loved computers so, PC it is. Love - Misc
  24. MiscFisk

    Prefered Casino

    I like the Four Dragons casino better because you partly own it and you can save outside. And the theme ofcourse.. Love - Misc
  25. MiscFisk

    Garage Doors Blue

    Hello, I have made my first texture. And the garage doors is kinda blueish. Any way to fix this ?