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  1. Which GTA Central are you talking about exactley? I think you might be talking about GTACenter.com (it used to be owned by TeSjit but last I heard he gave up and let the domain expire). "f0xy" I believe owns GTA-Central.com, which has only been around since October 26, 2004 (according to his "grand opening" news post). The article also states "GTA-Central was first concieved in 2004 by J Fox (a.k.a f0xy).". The whois records indicate his domain was bought on February 24, 2004. Our domain was purchased nearly a month before that date. Forum member numbers arn't everything - our forum has actually been off for quite some time; just last night we actually got it up and going again. I also doubt the statistics of 13,000 members on their forums is a true statistic; GTA Boards is more popular than they are (and rankings prove that) and they don't even have 13k yet, as of the time of writing this. Any material - not limited to websites or electronic content are subject to patents considering the rightful owner invests the money for a patent for that material. I'd actually moreso be purchasing a copyright on the name, which would protect anything belonging to and under that name. Legally, it would require anyone else using the same name to change their name or shut down; and if they disagreed their host could be contacted for further legal matters. Ey, that's the nice part about hosts - usually they're willing to take down a hosted site, assuming it's stealing materialistic property from another owning source. Sometimes people can be very irresponcible when it comes to messing with other's content and ownership rights. Naw, don't worry man - the only name I am going to patent/copyright is going to be "GTA Central". I think it would be rude and 'going too far' so to speak to completely patent everything, plus I don't have that kind of money. The only sites infringing on our network right now are the ones claiming the same name as us, assuming they haven't reached the patent office first - that problem will hopefully dissolve in the future.I hope you don't find me offensive or anything, I've come here with good intentions - I just happened to see this thread and thought I would give it a peek, the title of the topic caught my eye . See you around.
  2. Correct - right now we're in the process filing a patent for our name so that other places cannot legally use it, and will be forced to shut down if they do (such as GTA-Central.com). That's okay - theres a first to learning everything I guess . I also see you changed your forum's name to "GTA Center" - that sounds a lot better and pretty cool. I like your forums, thanks for the name change as well .
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