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  1. gtA5fan gave me his password. This is Ryder. gtA5 is retiring, and giving I (Ryder) his money/items. I may be on his a while just to change a bit of stuff. So everyone, say goodbye to what was once a good member. Thanks, Ryder.
  2. http://forums.gtaheaven.co.uk/index.php Just put referred by Joey Valentino
  3. http://www.studio-11.northcentralonline.com/forums/index.php Shop Coming soon. It's a friends forum, just put reffered by gtA5fan.
  4. Oh yah, the link in your sig
  5. 1) I never knew they existed 2) The Errors are getting fixed
  6. http://www.designkai.com/gtac/index.php We've got shops, which we can add to. A god money system where you can donate. RPG's and Gang Wars. Join Now!
  7. gtA5fan


    join mine and I'll join yours
  8. http://www.freewebs.com/gtawar/ the forums are on their, I just finished the website for now
  9. don't forget about the mission when you save whats her face
  10. Los Santos, Gangster missions and turf wars!
  11. Mainly mine and ©Wolfe™'s forum. But we do have one other admin. It's focused on RPG. I do most the work, but have fun doing it. These forums just started, sp please join and make it bigger. http://s6.CRAPPY IF SITE/Bad_Company/index.php
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