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  1. Tornronim

    Need members for total convertion project

    He was asking a question, not offering to join the mod. If you want to get any decent people on your team I suggest you learn/utilise a skill such as 3d modeling, texturing(using something like Photoshop or the Gimp, not paint) or scripting, so you actually have something to show besides a story. Mods rarely work when the leader is just telling people what to do and not getting stuck in.
  2. Tornronim

    Help me find a good NEW parachute skin!

    http://rapidshare.com/files/21647522/B.A.S.E._Forever_V3.rar Thats the download link he gave in his post.
  3. Tornronim

    re texture

    I think it was txd.img and txd.dir, or at least it was on gta3
  4. Tornronim

    Zmodeler1 dff filter problem

    I have a problem with zmodeler1, whenever i go to export something this message appears, this happens with gta3 and vice. I don't know whats up with it since I'm sure i've used it before, and the only thing thats changed is I installed the .net framework2 fix, but I uninstalled that and it didn't fix it. I don't think if it's anything to do with the file since it's only the vice city mp5 with a silencer stuck on the end. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Tornronim

    Secrets and Easter Eggs

    Yeah that underground carpark under the police station
  6. Tornronim

    Hidden(I think) MS-DOS program

    For some weird reason I have a thing for MS-DOS, so I kind of like MS-DOS edit and I'm constantly messing around with command prompt (but I'm still pretty bad at it).
  7. Tornronim

    Secrets and Easter Eggs

    These probably aren't easter eggs or ever glitches but I'm posting them anyway 1.I went to the police station in Las Venturas on PS2 and found an AT-400 in that place where those ped cars spawn, probably trying to imitate seizing stolen cars like in real life 2.Dang I forgot it
  8. Tornronim

    That deer thing in woods

    No I think it's that stags head easter egg that's on a tree in the woods somewhere, since there is a dff for it as well, still you could be right. Edit: Sorry, it's the deer head above the door inside one of the ammunations stores.
  9. Nothing special, it's probably on PC Version to but I found a dear head texture on my ps2 SA. I hope I posted this in the right forum...
  10. Tornronim

    Hidden(I think) MS-DOS program

    By hidden I meant not in your startup folder lol and why didn't I think of trying edit on its own? oh well
  11. Tornronim

    My old Computer specs

    My first PC(the thing I've got now) has: 128MB of RAM S3 Graphics Prosavage KM133(you ever head of it?) AMD Duron Processor ASUS Motherboard (forgot the type) CRT Monitor, forgot how big it is, but it isn't exactly large. Made by Hi-Grade, should be called low-grade Oh yeah and running XP Pro SP1(I haven't got internet at home and SP2 won't fit on my memory stick) I got this in 2002 and it's somehow running XP, but I'm sure it's designed for 98, for a start it has the 98 logo on the keyboard instead of XP... That's what you get when you order from a catalogue, I wasn't into computers at the time I got it so that's probably the reason it ain't good, it could also be Hi-Grades fault.damn rip-off it cost £1000... That's what I remember, I'm using my Dads PC at moment anyway. edit: just checked where my KM133 came from and according to what it said it's an onboard video card...
  12. I found this deep in the WINDOWS folder, well kind of. It's a .com in the System32 folder, you can search for it in their or copy and paste this into run: c:\windows\system32\edit.com
  13. Tornronim

    What's in a name?

    Tornronim's basically my name messed up. In some types of handwriting Torn looks like Tom and Ronim is my last name, but you can probably guess how I changed it. Available options: Reversed Scrambled
  14. Tornronim

    Introduce Yourself..

    Hi (-__-)