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  1. BombasticGamerFIlms

    Justice at Sunset : CSI LOS SANTOS Ep.3

    Who killed Sally? Find out in the blockbuster series finale.
  2. BombasticGamerFIlms

    Only a Fool Runs : CSI LOS SANTOS Ep.2

    The team investigates Sally's death by conducting interviews with her friends, and discussing possible leads. Is Sally's ex-boyfriend the killer? Who killed Sally?
  3. BombasticGamerFIlms

    CSI Miami, GTA Style. Ep.1

    A woman's body is discovered on the beach after a night of partying with friends. For the team, this can only mean one thing. Murder!
  4. BombasticGamerFIlms

    To Die and To Kill : GTA V Dramatic Machinima [3:41]

    There is something wrong with the people of Los Santos. They have no real fear. So where does a killer fit in this world? Let me know what you think.
  5. BombasticGamerFIlms

    CSI Miami Parody : CSI Los Santos Trailer [2:06]

    CSI Miami Parody in GTA V. Sunglasses, sunsets, babes, and murder. Did I mention sunglasses? Mini-series coming to Bombastic Gamer Films June 2015. Stay tuned! And bombastic! Would love to hear your suggestions for the actual mini-series. Enjoy.
  6. Uncle Sam wants you to join his heist crew. Do you think you have what it takes? This video was based on a mix of old recruitment propaganda, and Troy McClure.
  7. A fisherman, with a great love for the sea and its peacefulness, expresses his feelings about fishing. However, there is a problem with his pastime that he dreams one day will be resolved. Went a bit of a different way on this one. Let me know what you think.
  8. BombasticGamerFIlms

    Slender Man : GTA V Machinima [4:55]

    Billy goes missing in the woods. John goes to find him. Based on a mix of the character of Slender Man from internet culture, and the game Slender. Here's how it turned out after making the trailer. I always appreciate feedback
  9. BombasticGamerFIlms

    GTA V Slender Man Teaser Trailer

    GTA V Slender Man machinima coming soon. Please let me know what you think. The machinima is going to have a plot and story, and will not just be Slender recreated in GTA. I have a story ready, but where can you see it going? Thanks everyone
  10. Jim Fisherman is a notorious bank robber. Witness the downfall of his crew in this story of crime, friendship, and betrayal.
  11. A little video for your amusement. PARTY! Enjoy
  12. BombasticGamerFIlms

    We Are Ready : GTA Online Heists Promo [2:29]

    We are ready for heists. Are you?
  13. BombasticGamerFIlms

    Rebels of the Night : A GTA V Short Film [4:29]

    Three men in leather. Three motorbikes. No rules. Follow the tale of three rebels, as they wreak havoc as they please.
  14. BombasticGamerFIlms

    Mid Life Crisis : A GTA V Drama [3:30]

    A middle aged man, fed up with his job, and pressured by his wife, struggles to hold a grip on reality. He seeks an escape from the stress of his daily life. But can he get away?
  15. A hipster consults a psychologist about how he suddenly became a hipster. He tells his shocking story of developing the disorder of hipsterism, and seeks help in hope of a return to a normal life.