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  1. Who killed Sally? Find out in the blockbuster series finale.
  2. The team investigates Sally's death by conducting interviews with her friends, and discussing possible leads. Is Sally's ex-boyfriend the killer? Who killed Sally?
  3. A woman's body is discovered on the beach after a night of partying with friends. For the team, this can only mean one thing. Murder!
  4. There is something wrong with the people of Los Santos. They have no real fear. So where does a killer fit in this world? Let me know what you think.
  5. CSI Miami Parody in GTA V. Sunglasses, sunsets, babes, and murder. Did I mention sunglasses? Mini-series coming to Bombastic Gamer Films June 2015. Stay tuned! And bombastic! Would love to hear your suggestions for the actual mini-series. Enjoy.
  6. Uncle Sam wants you to join his heist crew. Do you think you have what it takes? This video was based on a mix of old recruitment propaganda, and Troy McClure.
  7. A fisherman, with a great love for the sea and its peacefulness, expresses his feelings about fishing. However, there is a problem with his pastime that he dreams one day will be resolved. Went a bit of a different way on this one. Let me know what you think.
  8. Billy goes missing in the woods. John goes to find him. Based on a mix of the character of Slender Man from internet culture, and the game Slender. Here's how it turned out after making the trailer. I always appreciate feedback
  9. GTA V Slender Man machinima coming soon. Please let me know what you think. The machinima is going to have a plot and story, and will not just be Slender recreated in GTA. I have a story ready, but where can you see it going? Thanks everyone
  10. Jim Fisherman is a notorious bank robber. Witness the downfall of his crew in this story of crime, friendship, and betrayal.
  11. Three men in leather. Three motorbikes. No rules. Follow the tale of three rebels, as they wreak havoc as they please.
  12. A middle aged man, fed up with his job, and pressured by his wife, struggles to hold a grip on reality. He seeks an escape from the stress of his daily life. But can he get away?
  13. A hipster consults a psychologist about how he suddenly became a hipster. He tells his shocking story of developing the disorder of hipsterism, and seeks help in hope of a return to a normal life.
  14. Andreas Schmovakovic is the greatest player in the world. And the worst.
  15. Two university students go to hang out in the wilderness. While out drinking and joking, they stumble upon a cave. But this is no normal cave. It is a cave of secrets. A cave of doom. A horror GTA V Horror Story. Be afraid.
  16. Yes that would be amazing. They are doing so much already though. Seasons would be great, especially with those new gen weather effects.
  17. The Gingerbread Man and The Penguin both try to find the greatest use for snowballs. Spaghetti Western style snowball duels, a robbery, and a heroic conclusion.
  18. It's Christmas Eve, and Johnny is excited to open his presents... and become Santa.
  19. A bunny finds himself lost in the city of Los Santos, and goes on a grand journey searching for his home.
  20. Meet Johnny Beam. Regular Los Santos resident. Mostly.
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