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  1. GTA V Slender Man machinima coming soon.


    Please let me know what you think. The machinima is going to have a plot and story, and will not just be Slender recreated in GTA. I have a story ready, but where can you see it going?



    Thanks everyone

  2. Between New Years and Xmas would be better, but I hope Rockstar are doing serious game development for something more like RDR where higher elevations on a game map did have snow and ice, and lakes could be frozen over with ice, then lower more spring or summer like warm areas, the hope is for an environment that isn't as separated into gaming segments as GTA V was (the opening being in a winter environment but without benefit of free-roam)

    Yes that would be amazing. They are doing so much already though. Seasons would be great, especially with those new gen weather effects.

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