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  1. There is no download link yet. I always keep adding new stuff like recently this mansion which was originally meant to be on a seperate island but it fucked up so i just mapped it to ocean drive and i recently remade Kaufman Cabs.... There are a fuck load of glitches and bugs which i didnt fix yet and i have to put the whole thing together which might take a while...... summer 2009 would maybe be alright.
  2. I played both IV and SR2 on the PS3 without experiencing any problems or anything disturbing. Both games were fun and a good waste of time but they are very different in a way. SR2, like said before, is not the most "realistic" game but it was still fun and in my oppinion, more fun than IV. I finished IV 89% and since then it has been sitting on my shelf covered in dust. Actually SR2 is lieying right next to it lol . I just hooked myself up with COD and Midnightclub and kinda forgot bout these games . Dont get me wrong, i honestly am a great fan of grand theft auto and rockstargames but the game just wasnt really worth the hype.
  3. Very nice tool too bad i dont have IV
  4. Wassup guys! There has been a long pause since i last made any updates... The mod isnt dead but since i dont have my pc these months so i cannot work on it. If they dont manage to recover my pc il be forced to go back to the stone age stages of the mod. I have a early early backup of it on a cd somewhere around... Im getting my pc back sometime next week
  5. So are you gonna edit it or I Must give it a go ? However you want, its up to u if you wanna do it but im not forcing you to. I can do it myself but if you wanna do it your free to do so and youl be credited. thanks for your offer! One more question, do you know how to make models? And WRX22B1998, il probably check that out too and uploadload it there as well as on Rapidshare.
  6. DBL POST! But it had to be done cuz i just got OnePiece's permission to use the awesome HD Wheels in my mod (view pics of the new cars). I will post screenshots where the wheels will be more visible soon! Anyways we are a whole step closer to release now. Percentage: 70% The only thing which is still a slight problem is the scripting. I can script basic things but i need a mission coder and i will make sure i find one asap.
  7. OK DUDE I can edit all the Nike signs from it if you are still ready to use it ? Yes sure thanks for the effort. It would be nice if something was done to the outside too though... But i think il take care of that myself
  8. I have not thought about doing the mall yet... Im busy working with cars now and i dont think your mansion mod would fit the mod. If it was not Nike i could use a new mansion. Im thinking that the you will not even require VC for the mod cuz it will have all the files included but once again im not sure because i might get problems distributing the .exe file and there would be no way i could include the audio folder with the mod........ But i will think about that. Btw guys i will be updating the screenshots above so keep an eye on them.
  9. F*ckin dbl post... Well anyways i have updates... I finished off all the cars. They have HD reflections and new 3d wheels (i "converted" or re-edited them from OnePieces HD Wheel Pack for GTA 3 to VC) but i still need permission from OnePiece to use them in when i finally release this. But so the mod doesnt die out here you go: More screenshots sooooon!
  10. MP3 joiner?? i guess he used that and then like you said MP3 to ADF converter... Did you Doc? Thats not quite everything. First i converted the original Flash FM from ADF to MP3 with the MP3 to ADF converter and then used a program called Cyperlink Power Producer (sort of like a better Windows Movie Maker) to modify it. I left all the usual commercials but all the songs of the radio station were cut out and replaced. Then i produced a MPEG 2 file (movie file) and used Xilisoft Video Converter 3 (with keygen) to convert the MPEG 2 movie file into an MP3 file. Then i simply converted the MP3 to ADF using the converter. WRX22B1998 - Hard Beatz is more like hard bass trance and house music... Kinda.... Il make a youtube preview soon.
  11. Cool what do you mean by best of 90s? Can you give us Song names or are we not meant to know yet? The radio station is complete. Here you go: All the tracks for the new Flash FM are in this video. Enjoy.
  12. Updates: New radio stations: - Hard Beatz FM (Techno, replaces Espantoso) - Flash FM (Best of 90s music only) More coming
  13. I was in Greece on Crete Island

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