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  1. sorry, on the 360 gameplay of San Andreas you cant use User Track Station. Thats fucked up.
  2. thanks. I know that but i saw videos of people using jetpacks to explore the city in the air without falling in to the non-solid road into invisible water. But there is a way to silent and emty half of Los Santos during the mission through the unsolid ground but that is different.
  3. This game is to say something more pimping then the other user. The user who has the best is the pimp and then they have to do the beast to post atp (attack the pimp) before they post exit. This is like the online feature on Saints Row except this is text and it chooses who's the pimp by their text.
  4. I think that multiplayer is the best part of that game.. Its love making fun of the little 10 year old kids who shouldn't even own the game.. Have you ever played against EWood6 online? He's 10 years old. And anoying.
  5. Yeah, i need help with the 2 cool glitches that should work. During the Mission: I am keep on seeing videos where they use jetpacks during the mission "Saints Mark Bristo" to explore Liberty City instead of just a small peice of Saints Mark. For me the jetpack does nothing unless i fall through the unsolid ground and fly under the black clouds. Is there anybody who knows how to get the jetpack to work? Through the Gym: THe gym in Los Santos. Every time i do that glitch and target the correct place at east beach all it does is take me to a gray place (i think it is called blue hell). Anybody know whats wrong?
  6. we are hoping it will have more features then the last Saints Row!! The last saints row there was only a couple of gangs like 4 of them and the city was small and you couldnt swim under water!! But it does have alot of added features!
  7. too bad you got banned!

  8. go to gamespot.com, then type in Saints Row 2!! It is coming out for PS3 and Xbox 360!! It is a working title
  9. Alert: To Saints Row fans, did you know that Saints Row 2 is coming out!! For those who dont know what Saints Row is, it is a GTA-based game that has some tooken-out features and some added-on features!! Grand Theft Auto IV - Rockstar North - October 2007 Saints Row 2 - Volition Inc. - TBA 2008 Of coarse not much know about Saints Row 2 coming out so that means GTA IV has a bigger chance of surviving the war!!
  10. Do you have a mod that you think should be on GTA3, then post here! Sorry, somebody i cant mod it for you because i am not good at modding!! My Mods that i wish for: Swimming Radio X added (since this game takes place in the 90's it would be cool if they had this station from San Andreas added because there are no other good rock stations) Custom Clothes!!
  11. I would like a mod where the full Liberty City (and not just a small piece like that useless easter egg) and Vice City is added to the airport city list where you can fly to so it should say Los Santos San Fierro Las Venturas Liberty City (**NEW**) Vice City (**NEW**) and get to explore the full city!!
  12. I want to make a mod! But i dont know how!! I want a mod where you can fly to liberty city but not like that easter egg where you get only a small piece!! I would like to make one but i dont know how can somebody help!!! A mod where you can go to the airport and Liberty City is added and you can fly there, and i think i might use some files from GTA3!! Does somebody get to create a mod or does it have to be left out by Rockstar?
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