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  1. This is the Mod: http://www.thegtaplace.com/downloads/f6825-sexiest-billboards-2015 So i'm planing to make another Version of it & I need you guys help with it. Which places billboards n what types of Images that i should use n all .. So yea if you guys have any ideas Tell Me . . !!!!
  2. Well,Titles say's it all . . How much time does it take the Admin to approve a mod!? I Installed a VC mod on 30-1-2015 Well Untill now (03-2-2015) The Mod is not approved?? Why is it taking so long? Is there any Admin's in this Site . . If anyone know how much time it will take/Why its taking this much time please tell me All of you are gona love the mod Thank You Spar X
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