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  1. dogzilla

    Mission Help : Sir,Yes Sir!

    We established this like 5 posts ago..... But parking infront of it works well to, will. The method i used, persoanlly, quicker. yeah and i was merely reiterating it ........the poster failed to say that the private speaking "sir yes sir"was the all clear to walk in to the rhino...its by far the simplest way of doing the mission... i mean you can even have a doughnut yourself and watch the sunset whilst your waiting on the convoy approaching the doughnut shop My point is that is why the mission is so called...dont you think? its not called "Sir, yes...but ummm....I would get the doughnuts but there is a car infront of the tank Sir"
  2. dogzilla

    Mission Help : Sir,Yes Sir!

    Ha ...the key is in the name of the mission....wait until the private is ordered into the doughnut shop he replies"sir yes sir"...then simply jump in the rhino and take it to the drop off point......very simple with no strategy or weapons needed