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  1. ^ your kidding me right? anyway I cant affor nothing my mum doesnt give me money because she is affraid I'll spend it on weed and get myself into trouble again. I use to be very rich now im very poor.. anyway I got san andreas on the download this very moment, I downloaded sims gta 3 and vice city they work fine apart frm the audio on vice city is a bit messed
  2. OMG someone agrees with me.. and a mod too.
  3. so you have never downloaded a song??? free of charge from limewire.. etc
  4. Who bootlegs things such as music, films and games? because I'm seriously finding it hard to belive that you all pay for this stuff as you say you do, why pay for something when you can get it free it doesn't make sence.
  5. Look how you all jump to the conclusion that I didn't buy the game... even though you are right you shouldn't jump to conclusions so quick
  6. mine jus freezes if anyone can send me this I tould be very greatful.
  7. Defo vice city........... i prefer the maffia style instead of the gangsta theme
  8. Thats what it always says on my sisters pc... it says something like get a validated copy... so Im guessing the only way round is to get a legal copy if windows xp disk and installing it on your computer.
  9. Taht's exactly what I was thinking.. and there was me thinking 'dming' was some geeky computer word that I wouldn't understand.
  10. Saving someonelse is probbly how I'll die or one of my enemies catchingup with me and killing me.
  11. I did karate for about a year, I didn't find it useful somethings we were taught were rediculous things that wouldn't be use in a fight unless you want to get laughed at, so I started boxing been doing it for 3 years now
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