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  1. Ever wonder how to get this sniper?...well i know and so will you... (click on the attatchment if possible) untitled.bmp 1st. Go to the blown up opera place... 2.bmp 2nd Go inside. 3.bmp 3rd. If you have a bike jump the dirt mound in the inside of the opera place. 4.bmp 4th. When you reach the other side you should see another low crack in the other building. 5.bmp 5th. Put your bike near it and jump over the crack or do it as a bike ramp. 6.bmp 6th. Voalla now you have the sniper 7.bmp
  2. Im using the PSP consle and also i cant find Crims On Water Wings by the light house, do you also know the locations of the rampages?
  3. but i have only 27 and i dont know where the other are at
  4. Here is a list of what i have done... Air Ambulance/Ambulance/Vigilante/Fire Copter Heli Tours Hunter Target All Civil Assets (Boats & Cars) All Unique Jumps All Red Ballons All Missions All Street Races (Sunshine Autos & Fair Grounds) Crash (Film Studio) PCJ Playground (Downtown & Mall) BMX Mall All Water Races Crims On Wings Driver Dirt Bike Time Trials BMX Time Trials Quad Time Trials All Empires Full Respect of Empires Taxi Driver Both Haver Races Land, Sea, Air Ace Driving Range Phil's Shooting Range All Outfits Is there anything in this list that is missing please help me out.....
  5. no prob... if you need any more info you can PM me alright
  6. Mavricks & Sparrows you can find them in Escobar International the Mavricks is near the vehicle entrance to the left and the Sparrow should be in a Helipad in the airport...both are Heli's..
  7. Can anyone tell me or show me where the rampages are because i cant find them!!! please!!
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