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  1. I think it is better to propose the ideas directly to Chris and the admins, than to propose new ideas to the Creative Group, since Chris is still the one who is going to decide in the end.

    I felt sad when I read that the gangs were going to be removed. I think what the forum need is a group of several dedicated members to head the gang scene in the forums, since I know Chris and others were quite busy in maintaining the server. I think the gang scene went inactive because some members at the time of development were busy thus leaving the server neglected and maybe there's lack of development (some proposals were left unimplemented). But I do agree about that tournaments every month or two.

  2. paano ba po gumawa ng bagong kotse sa GTA SA?

    gusto ko po kasing gumawa ng "patok" na jeep eh, yun po yung mga jeep dito sa Rizal at Marikina... sarap makipagbankingan kapag dala mo eto sa mga freeway sa San andreas. Eto po halimbawa ng itsura nila...

    balak ko rin kasi kunin ang tunog na "sumisipol" kapag humaharurot na sila sa highway, pati na rin yung mga bosina nila :D. At kung pwede rin, pati ung kalabog ng speaker kapag nasa labas ka ng jeep meh

    thank you sir sa mga tip!

  3. Hi 7 year old kid. You seemed to be a totally awesome fellow, stick around so you can have fun with the other forum members ;)

    Edit : Oh, this is in the wrong forum, someone needs to close or move this.

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