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  1. i remembered doing that mission and that quote from "Bum Deal", but i felt that the mission is a little unfair as i firstly got punched by those damn stallionz even when i start trying to avoid their attacks...
  2. Their might not even be one coming, so I wouldn't get your hopes up high... I wouldn't really like to see a new GTA game for PSP as it usually is utter rubbish. I'd stick with the advance next gen consoles for that. true , but it might be a possiblity or something....
  3. These are some random peds. quote (or police quotes) some of them you might recognise who says which: "I kill you american!" "I'm a marine killing machine!" "I'm gonna put you in a cement mixer!" "Let's go , sweetheart!" "I beat punks like you since 62' " "I don't like fighting bitches" "you're a bitch" "My bird friends will get you!"(lol ) "Bullets don't scare me son!"(oh really?) "Please i'm an actor!" "I carve you up real good!" "you look dead already!" "stop you sicko!" "I'll beat you like a woman" "you want a catfight , you got a catfight!" "i slap bitches male and female!" "the pithand is more than you can stand!" "You know how to set the captain!" "watch your step cause' i gonna rap" "fudgestick!" "brokeass bitch!" "oh!this is worst than my class!" "you'd better shoot fast!" "you want a fist in your face?" "go find your body in building foundation after this!" "lowern your weapon soldier!" "free to fire! stand down!" "you gonna get VD!" "gonna spit at ya!" "i can fight , i'm white trash" "don't hit my face ok?" "wanna taste payment?" "you gonna have no teeth like me!" "i slick you through!" "get off my case!" "what are you doing?" "did you touch me?" "don't piss me off" "you want a stick up your ass?" "you're messing with the motorcycle jacky!"(no idea why does the officer riding the VCPD wintergreen say that, as i didn't mess with his motorcycle lol )
  4. actually urbanoutlaw , the trick you stated " save quit and reload" works on psp as well...i always do that whenever i sucessfully attacked an empire however the downfall for this trick is that sometimes one of your empire site is damaged or the sigh shows empire damaged and when you get to the site it was 100% fine but the outlook is like damaged...however reloading the game again will fix the problem
  5. yep rashion is right , the topic is already been taken in this link : http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=13724
  6. who knows....maybe in the future there might be a new version of PSP or something...just keep your fingers crossed..
  7. i got encountered a werid kind of glitch....i was like wasted by the sharks once when defending my business site and when you are wasted you should be at the nearest hospital but then when the "wasted" word in my game screen disspear vic vacne is still lying on the ground...i try using health cheat yet he still on the ground...maybe i should have take this down and post it here...
  8. opps...sorry about that guys...forgot to realise about that...
  9. A word of caution though : the empire site in the east island is not as easy as the west island as the sharks are not easy to dealt with...i got killed several times before as they are packed with painful weapons like SMG and AK
  10. guys i am just curious about which outfit you guys like the most , so therefore i set up a poll to see which outfit you like the best. For me perosnally i like the smart suit although it is an altered version of lance's outfit but still it looks neat
  11. most of all , you wasted the money upon purchasing the disc just for the sake of unachievable unique stunts...
  12. yep , but i must warn you that this mission is not easy to complete , i tried a couple of times to get it right....
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