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  1. kit5pt0

    CD Box sets?

    you have crabs?
  2. kit5pt0

    CD Box sets?

    Why is it that GTA has a box set of all of the Vice City stations, but no box sets with all of the stations for the other games?
  3. Yesterday I found a great webpage that; first, had a map showing where all the jumps were second, described how to find the exact location for each jump and third, had a video that could be clicked to show how to do the jump and now I can't find the webpage. Anybody know of a page like this? Thanks.
  4. nevermind....................got it after about 30 tries
  5. kit5pt0

    Tommy Vercetti's hawaiian shirt

    i'm not sure how you found that, but thanks. EDIT: all they have is small...................jksdafjklsdffjlksdaffjlksdafjklfsdajklfsda
  6. kit5pt0

    Tommy Vercetti's hawaiian shirt

    you still around????????????????
  7. kit5pt0

    Where would you rather live

    vice city on starfish island san andreas in either san fierro or las venturas i'm thinking las venturas
  8. kit5pt0

    Tommy Vercetti's hawaiian shirt

    that looks like the best i've seen so far. can you post a link on where to buy it? thanks!
  9. so my 190 dollars isn't going to go very far, everything i can afford is sold out
  10. kit5pt0

    Tommy Vercetti's hawaiian shirt

    THAT'S FANTASTIC :dribble: WHERE DID YOU FIND IT? And how much does it cost? i can't f'ing find that one anymore but i did find this one http://cgi.ebay.com/SOLID-GREEN-HIBISCUS-H...0QQcmdZViewItem any thoughts on this one?
  11. kit5pt0

    No mission?

    decent grammer probably wouldn't have hurt any either
  12. kit5pt0

    Post pics of your car

    thanks. yeah, it's mine. i've had it about 2 1/2 years.
  13. kit5pt0

    I just finished the story line..

    vic was in love with some trailer trash chick, that's weak the last mission wasn't bad necessarily, it was just easy. it's pretty bad when the last mission is beaten the first time i try it. it is still a good game though.
  14. kit5pt0

    I just finished the story line..

    it was fun and well worth the $20 on ps2. it's gta so it's still good
  15. kit5pt0

    any stunts on vcs?

    The main reason people use SA or VC is because they are availiable on PC and the hassle to produce videos is alot less. Anyway, you said this game sucked in another topic... meh Stunts are everywhare, it's the art of using the environment around you to create jumps, bumps, grinds etc. So to answer your question, yeah, there are, plus the unique jumps and shit like that. i'm checking them out, i just wasn't sure if i should put in sa or vc instead.