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  1. Sharp_Sight

    Unhandled exception

    Oh dear, warez chat. Fail mate. That's punishable by suspension or banning. Try reading the rules of the next forum you visit first. It's okay to duplicate you exe for personal use. But not to distribute it.... So, no, don't do that.... That's why I tried to explain it in other way... and don't worry all I got is legal =D also I tried to mean that the guy who has this problem is using it illegaly or he got it legal but with a file that makes it illegal.. But anywayz, I won't talk about it, let's keep this topic clean.. and I apologize for this
  2. Sharp_Sight

    Lowrider Mission

    LooL .. I got 30 Dollars.. Mmm.. WTF xD? From where did they came..? and I dont understand these.. Like Dollars? $$$? What do you get from these? LoL P.S I could open another topic and ask about this.. but I said, Why?!.. I got one already opened..
  3. Sharp_Sight

    More GTA IV Details

    Well, it says he can pay double the amount to make the taxi driver drive twice faster... It's like saying that other games had this thang but without the ability to pay double.. the question is, do the other games have this ability, even without paying double, just paying normal? and which games?
  4. Sharp_Sight

    Lowrider Mission

    Ok, thanks =D, I'll try it.. [EDIT] Thanks ! it worked, I actually changed they keys (that were actually working, they were set on the NUM Pads..) to the arrow keys cause they make it easy, on NUM Pads it pain in the 455.. I finished the mission but damn, I forgot to save, probably cause im stupid bitch
  5. Sharp_Sight

    Unhandled exception

    Nooo!.. Don't reinstall... I got this problem!, untill one week ago ... I found that the problem of the unhandled exception is the gta-vc.exe file (The Crack, if u wanna understand it in other way xD).. just get another version of gta-vc.exe ... Or how to say, get another crack man
  6. Sharp_Sight

    GTA Classics Memorial

    well, talking about it.. I think that I never really did a mission in the old ones, I was just having fun making massacres (however they write dis xD) And yea, im oping to be active in here..
  7. Sharp_Sight

    Lowrider Mission

    Ok, First of all, u got a great forum and great website over here, keep up the good work... K, now as you can see from the title, this mission is pain in the ass, I do what it says, I get the freakin car from that guy, then I pimp it (0o) (I actually put the latest things)..., and then I drive to the place where I gotta compete with that dickhead... Sooo.. I start that thing (btw, I change the bet money.. whatever).. and after this it shows some arrows down the screen, I press these arrows due to each direction and it doesn't work, so I tried it another time with pressing Caps Lock for making the thang jump (lol) and still didn't work,,.. so can anybody help in somehow that I don't really have to give you the save..?.. I mean just tell me if I did it wrong.. or the problem is from the game.. Extra info: I got a No-CD crack.. I think for the version 1.0 .. made by HLM (Doesn't matter..) the thing is 1.0 .. and I got the real CD, I just needed No-CD thang.. ANYWAYS.. 3.4 GHz Dual Core Processor, 512 MB RAM, 200 GB HDD, GForce 7300 Video thing... Any help in any form would be appreciated.. and again, I apologize for repeating this topic Sharp_Sight