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  1. Well even if it's a small number, which honestly I'd be suprised if it were on the scale of San Andreas, because after all this is a handheld, I honestly could have lived without changing my clothes on that scale in San Andreas. Basically all I'd need in LCS: A casual outfit A suit/rich outfit A few unique ones But I could live with the first 2. Oh and JACK25 ... Umm I'd say it's gonna take up as much memory as it can, if you mean to run it that is. Save file will prolly be normal size, if it were over a meg and a half I'd be suprised. And well you probably are aware of how the MP3 player works, yes it's "bad", but don't think this means the stations are short/redundant just because you have to choose between mp3 or normal as opposed to how it is on the computer. I'm sure Rockstar has something good for us.
  2. After trying to maually install a car my Vice City started not even loading. Well I deleted it and used my backup file like a smart person would. So I reinstalled all the VCM cars and went foward. Now: Unhandled Exception: c0000005 At address: 00640d0b It tells me that every once in awhile, and when it does my game crashes/locks up. What is causing this/what do I do about it?
  3. How to edit .col files?
  4. What to do if IMG editor claims dff and txd are too large to replace the ones already in GTA3.IMG?? All the car mods and the halo skin mod make it say this.
  5. Most of the game for me is exploring new stuff, I don't like the idea of including past GTA's, especially PS2 ones, because I'll already know everything that's there and where it all is.
  6. I know i sound like an idiot but where do you put the .b file for a save? Yeah, yeah. Laugh at the noob. But seriously answer my question please.
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