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  1. when i try to create a freemode game in gta i cant turn on the cops and i cant turn on friendly fire either and changing to auto aim dosent work too

    why doesnt this work? this is on xbox 360. And i don´t have the lost and damned edition

  2. will this run the game

    intel pentium 4 3.2 ghz

    1gb ddr2

    nvidia geforce 6800gs 512mb ddr3


    i could run crysis with this on most the settings on medium

    or this

    intel core due 3.0ghz 6mb

    2x2 gb ddr2

    nvidia geforce 6800gs 512mb ddr3


  3. 1.get in the hydra press w to hover up a bit

    2. hold down 8 on the numpad for a few secs and you´re off

    to get back to hover mode hold down 2 on the numpad

    3. shoot on left ctrl and mouse button 1 and lock on with space

  4. so ive been out looking for the euros and i cant find it anywhere do i have to use a trainer to get it or does it spawn some were?

    (if yes show me a screen shot please of the spawn point)

  5. So i was out dating denise and we were eating at the pizza hut and on the way back home caite spotted us so i had to lose my tail ???

    its the first time this happend to me and i have been playing san andreas since it was release anyone

    has this happend to anyone else then me??

  6. Processor: pentium 4 3.2 GH

    Memory: 1gb (very soon upgraded to 4gb B) )

    Hard Drive: primary: 30gb secondary:200gb

    Video Card: geforce 6600 512 mb

    Monitor: primary 22" widescreen secondary 19"

    Speakers: YAMAHA Amplifier ( receiver i dunno whats it called) with 9 speakers and 1 subwoffer

    Keyboard: packard bell (10 years old)


    Operating System: XP pro with sp2

  7. hi im looking for the san andreas sweden total conversion modd

    i tried to google it and found one that was on thepiratebay but there was no seeders:(

    anyone that has it or know were i can download it please send me a link

    EDIT:also looking for a mod that makes so i wont have dual pistols, Uzi, sawnoff shotgun.

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