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  1. Yeah now I gotcha....I helped you with lowrider Hydraulics mission..and so ok...I got u...hope to see you soon

  2. Are u the Same Dame? if yes...Then hello boy...

    If no....a hello anyways...good to see ya..

  3. Hello Friend !!

  4. damien95

    patch 1.1 for pc

    hi how can i uninstall the 1.1 patch for pc i will be verry gratefull if some one can help me thanks Damien
  5. damien95

    help whith mission low rider

    thanks toxic it worked
  6. damien95

    help whith mission low rider

    Ok Thanks IL try this
  7. damien95

    help whith mission low rider

    i cant find the one to set it to becouse thairs no setting for down to the right and down to the left
  8. hi i am in the middle of doing the low rider mission and i keep failing becouse of the down to the right arrow and the down to the left arrow i cannot work out what these 2 settings are called in the controles can some one tell me how to set them up thanks
  9. damien95

    Pedestrians are not properly visible!

    http://ati.amd.com/support/drivers/xp/radeon-prer300-xp.html (download your latist drivers here)
  10. i had the same problemi had the nivida fx 5500 (i think) i updated drivers for it then it wasent suported so i installed a new one And now it works Fine
  11. damien95

    GTA Vice City sound issues

    i have the same problem and mine is leagal And not long baught of ebay
  12. damien95

    i realy need help

    hi my name is damien i need help whith vice city for pc every time a go to load a game on the loading screen it gets near the end then it goes dunk and ends the program i think i need a new main.sc or somthing but the only problem is ive lost my cd so i cant reinstall it so dose eny one know how i can sort this problem or download a new main.sc thanks reply to this topic or e-mail me on [email protected] thankyou