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  1. TOXIC

    Introduce Yourself..

    H E L L O Hey everyone.. 'sup? As for me, I'm on the verge of completing my post grad(Masters in Computer Applications) Missed y'all..missed this place too.. (Newer Members - Hi I'm Tarun from India, go by the name TOXIC as you can see; I am a member since 2007 and lately been inactive, very. Much love baby.)
  2. MK47

    Miss you :D

  3. TOXIC

    TOXIC's Graphic Gallery

    Been away... Hadn't touched Ps since a long time,so...Halo guys, Halo. Comments please.
  4. Bitch its a Dollar here :D

  5. Well thats a tough question to ask after somebody said like that to you, but, why do you love me this time?

  6. TOXIC

    Feedback Topic

    OK so we can have pinned up topics like for example; Resources Vol 1: Brushes Resources Vol 2: Tutorials Resources Vol 3: .....etc Correct?
  7. TOXIC

    Feedback Topic

    What I said was not Sarcasm, in fact it was the shorter version of your post Yeah the same thing, A topic with resources, shitload of tutorials, etc.
  8. TOXIC

    TOXIC's Graphic Gallery

    Thank you. Gonna use it or what?
  9. TOXIC

    Feedback Topic

    The Epic PS help thread has many links in it, we can add on there itself right? Or even better, we have a GFX devoted "TGTAP's Fat Ass Graphics Resources Topic"...
  10. TOXIC

    Feedback Topic

    Is the graphic section declared dead or what? Side Question - My posts are visible right?
  11. TOXIC

    TOXIC's Graphic Gallery

    Lol Husky no replies no PMs? Btw people, comments on this one?
  12. TOXIC

    help me

    http://z9.invisionfree.com/GTAS_Temp_Forums/index.php?showtopic=1834 Serves all your needs.