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  1. xisco


    soz i thought they were, brill advatar
  2. xisco


    here is a hell of a nice car, looks like new chrecter though i belive this is new, but i'm not sure i'm not sure bout this either thats all i can find for now
  3. xisco

    Who Do You Want!

    i found some photos of the new gta4, and from this photo it looks like a new charecter
  4. xisco

    Teaser Trailer Finished

    nice,doing another one????
  5. xisco


    it is, but it's unerelistic. like i said it's like turning of stminia of fat level but what would be cool is that you've gotta kill someone speacil, like a gang laywer or don or goverment person. and u plug a moltiv in the petrol tank and u can and get in your car and follow em from their office to a place and yuo've gotta make their car swerve so the moltiv would go in the petrol tank and.. BOMBS AWAY.
  6. xisco

    Who Do You Want!

    CJ is the best charecter in the game. they should stick with carl
  7. xisco

    What do you think of my Graphics?

    good forum, name is a bit ovious, hell of a good banner good work
  8. xisco

    should grove be in it

    i think grove should be in it, cause gta sa is the first PS2 gta which is proper gang game. in gta3 and vc it was bacicly getting revenge or geting to the top of the city. but sa is the proper gang life. and it would be cool to have sweet and CJ.
  9. xisco


    kinda cool idea but... if you could turn it off it would be hell of a unrelistic. it would be like turning off your stamina or your fat level. cool idea, a bit annoying though.