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  1. I have been having this problem for awhile now with GTA4 and also the add-ons Gay Tony and the Lost (both on Steam), where the first 30 seconds will run normally and then all of a sudden the games frames will start stuttering no effect on audio. I thought it was the first laptop's specs which were just minimum specs but after loading the game on a second computer found the same issue. It does not matter what graphical settings are selected, same result. After checking all connected hardware and tweaking all settings I found that it was the controller (Microsoft 360 wireless) that was causing the delayed lag. Playing with just the keyboard lag never comes. Anybody have an idea on what this issue is or a fix.? BTW this is on Windows 10 i5 quad 8GB Intel HD 4400. I swapped out 2 controllers and two wireless adapters same result.
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