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  1. Why Rockstar put 2 churches at the same place?
  2. This is one of the pointing from UFO sighting map Lil's Probe Inn/ Mike Toreno's Ranch. At first, I was using jetpack to travel easier than bike. I found a camp set up under the hill's shadow, I was thinking and felt curious. It was sandstorm, it's hardly for me to continue my research so I had to use Night Google Sight(I don't know what its name) at the front of the church. After wearing it, I found something odd on the hill. I went up closer and thinking it's just a ruin. I ran down and taken a look at the ground front of church, I realized the window position has the same as the ruin I found out and thinking it might be UFO crashed the church on the hill. *sorry for my grammar, my English isn't good enough to explain what happen.