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  1. Yes also from the cops and other major businesses.
  2. Areas around Chicago and Chicago itself.
  3. Bob Yanker is a corrput politicion who was the Govener of RainWood State USA in 2002. He spent his money on illegal arms deals and invested in bribes. Until 1 day when was eventually expelled because of his "firend" Ulich Panty who wanted to build a large high rise mansion for himself on a precious piece of land. yanker refused 'cause there wasn't enough money, Ulich reported him and then Yanker got expelled. Now struggling he wants to fight his way back to the top. He will do anything; lie, cheat, steal, rob, kill, deal... Hw wants his mansion, his apartments, his business fronts back and to do this he needs to kill his former friend Ulich Panty but needs to find out as much info as he can first. If he suceeds he will own vast amounts of money, cars, houses, towns. He will even get escorts! Now you take control working for yourself earning money, cars... Killing. This is Grand Theft Auto IV Rainwood. BOXSHOT SOON. SCREENSHOT SOON. EDIT: New bit in story.
  4. I want escorts. Like your in a car and you have bodyguards and F.B.I. and SWAT and cops!
  5. I like tekken the best. Great fighting styles and attacks
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