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  1. Marco Valentino

    Do you like eminem ?

    He is good,but all he talks about is sex.
  2. Marco Valentino

    Fav place in SA

    I say Los Santos becuase I love having gangwars. This is like the millionth topic of this sort
  3. Marco Valentino

    Hey check out my new Sig. Do you Think is is cool?

    Ill give it a 3/10 I dislike the flashing text it males me dizzy
  4. Marco Valentino

    Mortal Combat Vs Tekken

    I think Mortal Combat
  5. Marco Valentino

    rate my new sig

    I give it a 7/10 just for efford
  6. Marco Valentino

    what do you do

    Playing San Andreas and going to the GTA Place
  7. Marco Valentino

    Coke Vs. pepsi

    I love Pepsi way better than coke becuase of the great flavor
  8. Marco Valentino

    What is your Fav. gang

    I say the Mafia becuase I loved them in GTA3 and San Andreas
  9. Marco Valentino

    Catalita vs deneice

    I think Catalita becuase even Cj acked like a b**** wit her around
  10. Marco Valentino

    Tommy V or CJ

    I say Cj
  11. Marco Valentino

    The WWE who likes it

    Yeah I love the old wwe(wwf days) but now its just crap but john ok
  12. Marco Valentino

    The Greatest Rap Duo

    I also like The Game With his new album the Documentary it is the best but i give dre and em a for sure.
  13. Marco Valentino

    MVI's Magnificent Graphics

    Can you make me a sig that says the game with the image below on it with a red and black background that says subuzi famil mafia