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  1. CJ says "you A*SHOLES" "MY CAR"
  2. roXas321

    Who would win in a shootout?

    Vote for CJ. I love his shooting skills
  3. roXas321

    CJ on Liberty City

    see this what game console is that? on ps2 or pc?
  4. you'r right that thing man. thing that movie suck is right
  5. oh yeah i know that story but i forgot dude
  6. roXas321

    [VC] see this

    thanks man i appreciate that (respect)
  7. roXas321


    sorry dude i dont mean to get mad sorry....... :(
  8. roXas321

    [VC] see this

    i found it.......
  9. roXas321


    i know that but you save as long CJ in that train cuz train cannot be destroyed
  10. roXas321

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Stories

    nice...... i want to play that game too i hope it realease on xbox 360 and pc
  11. roXas321


    good luck to try it petucini its not too hard you know
  12. roXas321

    flying on a mountain bike

    i think it's old.
  13. really i don't know about that thing is cj's mom