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  1. see this what game console is that? on ps2 or pc?
  2. you'r right that thing man. thing that movie suck is right
  3. thanks man i appreciate that (respect)
  4. sorry dude i dont mean to get mad sorry....... :(
  5. i know that but you save as long CJ in that train cuz train cannot be destroyed
  6. good luck to try it petucini its not too hard you know
  7. yay i found . thank for the help
  8. i go to the locked city with train. go to san fierro or LV from los santos this is how it's work drive a train with highspeed until the train is shaking (almost derail). the train will just pass the border(whatever the name) and go to the locked (forbidden) territory or city is this a glitch or something?
  9. wow.... 12 times ... i just finish gta 5 times Congratulation
  10. i can't find this clothing store . where is the diderSachs anyway
  11. radio X and radio los santos. cuz i love rock and rap music
  12. Infernus, Turismo, Phoenix, cheetah, bullet, modded sultan, elegy
  13. ganton and glen park. they are my favorite
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