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  1. Yes they can ever item can have gta pictures on them!
  2. Thanks spas (and ur not this moody on gtawh is it because u have a little power here?)
  3. Can someone tell me how much it is to buy my own store? i don't have very much at they moment though so....may be a long time!
  4. Yes but most other items don't
  5. I meant you haven't got many gta pictures mainly the store default ones....and i didn't tell you to change them it was mearly a suggestion so you don't need to take a rage on me!
  6. Well i can't see the orange skin no more becuase i can't get back onto it cause i am stuck with the vice city one and can't get of it!
  7. Looks cool (but i am a member of to many forums!)
  8. i think it could have a new skin and banner(not like i don't like the current ones) because i like to see new looks!
  9. I am using the Vice City skin but then i realized the mods links arnt on for it! but the skin selector isnt on here so i am stuck! with no mods can someone change the skin im using the they orange one in the admin cp? thanks!
  10. they work for me to! (and your sig is kinda big!)
  11. I have noticed that your shop here has the pictures for they items that the IPB store comes with. I made the GTAHN forums shop and i used the FTP to upload pictures from the GTA series. I can do it for yours to f you like? If you want to see the GTAH forums store just click me sig! And if you don't want me help you you can use me ideas from the gtah store!
  12. Hi, i am T-Bone i run the GTAH Network forums and have come here because i heard it was very good so here i am...And i see that it is very good and it is Well odne to the webmaster! goodwork
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