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  1. Yep, the shop is better with a lower stock level, i agree -Thug
  2. GTA: San Andreas WWE: Day of Reckoning MGS 3 : Snake Eater GT4 Driv3r ... and more, butr unsure as yet
  3. it look s pretty good , but i am not sure, i cidnt see it untill it is owt on dvd anyways, it is an 18, and the friggin barstards make u show an identity card
  4. I dunno how to help u wit that dublo, but it may not be advisable to talk/well make topics about other forums here, i am sure u will be ok tho as ur new
  5. They are called classic brittish comidies. lol, only fools an horses rock, nothin to do wit horses tho -Thug
  6. I voted for fawlty towers, if u want u can go to the bbc website and find exactly the same vote
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