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  1. During a mission, if you perform a stunt while someone in the car is talking, the audio plays in "slloooooo-mooooottioooon'. ("Try it on the Mike Toreno mission. While T-Bones in your car...hit the little ramp by the mod garage/freeway in Doherty on your way to the docks/airport.
  2. I was just showing where/how it got stuck, not if it exploded. The tail of the chopper wedged perfectly into the building as you can see in pics. I doubt that happens 'every time'.
  3. Some weird glitch happened to me at the construction site behind the garage in San Fiero. I RPG'd a chopper and as it was crashing, the tail end wedged into a gap in one of the building and got stuck there, mid-air.
  4. In replay mode your rims, nitrous tanks, etcetera are missing. Only car color remains the same.
  5. They do look like birds for sure...almost like Native American Thunderbirds ??? Nice find!!!
  6. Nice!!! Hopefully it'll be there again...i'll try and get better pics. Holding the XBOX controller while trying to dive and hold/take pictures with my digital camera was a pain. update: Here you go GTA DON...this time in San Fiero.
  7. Probably been seen 1K times but, i'd never seen it. A turtle in the water near Whetstone. Horrible pics (sorry)...i'm on XBOX.
  8. I know this is a dead topic/lame subject but... I just got to this stage in the game (XBOX Version 1) and I don't get to go inside for some reason, the camera stays outside the house. I'm not concerned with the actual mod, but there are supposed to be mini-games correct? Standing out side is lame. Confused over here, please help
  9. hpercoder : Totally agree on this one - "Cut down on the horn honking from other cars all the time." Super annoying! My list : Better/more rim & tire choices. Better clothing choices. Free-range with spray can and different graffiti choices.
  10. Not that weird but weird timing for sure. Got this screen shot when My XBOX froze (UGHHH) while 'defending' Grove Hood. I was actually shooting/cycling through rivals, I didn't even know this fool was around till it targeted him, then my machine froze.
  11. Boot Camp, indeed...I've been tempted with that option many o' time it seems. I may have to once I beat SA...or if I look at the mods page too many more times .
  12. Yeah man, I kinda jumped into this thing ass-backwards. I didn't realize 'ALL' the steps involved to mod. Seems like a super pain from what i've read, I guess at some point i'll have to try to make up that 2% Like you say though...PC version is the way to go. Screenshots, mods etc... However, I don't own a PC, i'm on a MAC. It's cool, i'm not stressing on mods...just thought if I was going to buy the game for XBOX I might as well buy the 1st version instead of Platinum Hits or some other generic version.
  13. Not a real popular choice but..."the Huntley".
  14. I bought it off of Amazon last week and the seller assured me that he bought stacks of these before they were pulled from shelves. I trust him...especially now that the UPC and Manuf. #'s are matching up.
  15. Hmmm, I'll have to see when I get my XBOX about the title screen. I did find this info : San Andreas - "AO" Version Release Date : 2005-06-07 Manufacturer Part No. 29695 UPC 710425296956 San Andreas - "M" Version Release Date : 2005-09-13 Manufacturer Part No. 29887 UPC 710425298875 San Andreas - Platinum Hits Release Date: 9/17/2005 Manufacturer Part No. 29887 UPC ??? It looks like even though mine is rated 'M'...all the numbers match the 'AO' version. I'm assuming then I have version 1. I'd still like to know for sure though so anyone with any hints as how to tell, please let me know.
  16. I did a search of the the 3 boards and didn't find what I was looking for, I'm hoping someone can help. Yesterday, on this site or another, I found a post stating...'it will say 2nd edition on actual game disc" Is this true? Any hints as how to identify version by disc, UPC, date, content etc...??? Thanks in advance, great site here...glad to be a new member.
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