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  1. Once I got my "Luck" up to 100% I went straight to a casino, got on the highest limit roulette table and bet the max on one number and won. It never happened again. Now was that "Luck" or did I just get lucky..?
  2. I did buy a PS3 specifically for GTA IV. I also noticed that the last time I loaded the game it took the time to download new content for it (18 mB), yes I actually shut the thing off at some point, and it's always conected to the internet.
  3. :sigh: Likely to be my last update for a while - need to go do some other things that will cut into my game time. Seen some cool contributions in here - there's a ton to be found in this game ---------------------------------- On the main east-west road that makes up the Mulholland Intersection: on the western side where the ramps to the freeway merge with the road, westbound traffic will jog to the left (crossing the center line) before continuing forward. A police helicopter can only shoot you if you are in the range and area of it's spotlight, meaning at night if you aren't in the light it won't shoot you - in the daytime the light isn't on but the behavior is as if it were. I've done this with both the Monster and a motorcycle: While driving on top of cars and turning to create a tire mark - the mark will extend out into the air with nothing underneath it. I'ts hard to spot and doesn't last long but it happens. Toss a Molotov towards a crowd and the peds will run but the cops won't. If you're on a building targeting vehicles with the Sniper Rifle they don't react but toss a Grenade or Molotov and they will start speeding away the second it leaves your hand even if you are behind them and out of the drivers view. You cannot target a device with a lens (Camera, Rocket Launcher, Sniper Rifle) while you are on fire. If you get a wanted level while driving the Monster from the Los Santos arena, it will be reported as a white truck even though it's painted as an American flag. Also, if you recruit a gang member for drive-bys in the Monster the gang member will pop up through the roof as if it wasn't there and shoot through the back window as well. CJ doesn't close the door of the Monster when he gets out of the truck. If you turn a tight circle with the BMX you can still accelerate even though one foot on the pedal isn't moving and the other is held out for balance. If you have a 4 star wanted level and there is a SWAT vehicle near the Pay n Spray the SWAT team will stand around after your wanted level disappears. If you steal the truck (1 star) they won't do anything. If you shoot one of them (2 star) they still won't do anything. If you jack a cop boat the pilot of the boat will run towards the back - you will be unable to move forward as long as he is running in the opposite direction. Drinks/snacks and stuff: CJ can take a coin out of his pocket while holding a gun in his hand, he has as much coins in his pocket as the money counter indicates and he doesn't jingle when he walks and his pocket is flat against his leg. It takes 380 cans of Sprunk to take CJ from 0 to maximum fat level, he will not puke (like he does with fast food), you will not see a health warning. His body will not change until you walk through a door.
  4. They'll do the same thing by the Seasparrow spawn point north of the Abandoned Airstrip - all you see is the props turning above the ground and nothing else! LOL
  5. Ok, you gotta try this one: Get a vehicle you have to step up to get into - so far I've gotten this to work with Monster, Packer, Enforcer and Trashmaster but it wouldn't work with BMX, Esperanto, Primo, Towtruck or Utility Van. Go to an outdoor Sprunk machine and park so the door is about 10 feet away from the machine. Buy a drink - as soon as you can (CJ is still drinking) run towards the vehicle and press the Enter vehicle button. CJ will not get into the vehicle BUT he'll be standing on an upside down Sprunk can even though you heard him crush the can. I've had a small collection of them all at once - can't move them, but you can pick them off with a weapon shot. Update: You can keep setting the cans up so you eventually start getting some in a higher layer because you were standing on the cans - you can shoot out the bottom ones and the tops ones continue to float in the air. You can park a vehicle wheel on top of them and the tire will be lifted off the ground. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dead bodies will twitch if you shoot them. Regina and Ambulance have the largest headlights of the vehicles. When traffic is jammed up you can get inappropriate character voices for the drivers, ie: A chicks voice complains and then a Vago gang member steps out of the vehicle. If you get a head shot on a driver the body will fall out of the door, if the drivers side is blocked the body will fall out of the passenger door. Sometimes the headless body will lift its arm and rest it on the window edge before falling out. If you jack a bike that has a passenger then wait for the passenger to get on first he'll stay with you where ever you go.
  6. Someone else mentioned that the door was closed all the time on the PC version as well.
  7. It's a word now! Nice add on the taking objects into the cop shop. The Linerunner and other big trucks have side fuel tanks with fuel caps - but to blow them up with one shot you have to hit the fuel door in the bodywork behind the drivers door. Taxis and cars with gang members driving are more sensitive to gunfire than other vehicles - fire a shot and they're the first to take off. Just north of the 24-7 in Mulholland where you can't buy anything is a high tension tower that's not connected to anything else.
  8. Lol,yeah.How? You must have some good eyes. Out in the 'real world' I'm an engineer and I have to do a lot of data analysis. What I'm doing here is intentionally studying object behaviors - all the things we use and do in this game are basically just data sets presented in a 3D, interactive graphical environment. So... I'm trying as many different things as I can for the things we do and use in the game. Most info out there relates to glitches and gimmicks or strategies so I decided to look for the stuff in the game that really is there although it doesn't serve any purpose towards beating the game - just stuff you can screw around with. As you might guess it can take several days to test or verify something - one of the worst ones was finding out lowriders with hydraulics will honk at you. And yeah, some of it means I have to go into "Blue Hell" to see or verify. Btw: The tallest building in Los Santos has 75 floors plus the Helipad on the roof - meaning the building should be about 780 feet high. But if you drive a motorcycle or bike off the roof you only get an Insane Stunt for 369 feet. Note: 369 is on a straight fall - if you start doing turns and stuff you can get much more. Also - the unmapped Pay n Spray in Las Venturas is a 'Blue Hell' entrance. If you walk into or out of it you'll fall through the floor at the door opening to the street (PS2).
  9. There is a 24-7 in Mulholland (1 block north of the Pay n Spray) that has nothing in it you can buy. The interior of this store is twice as deep as the length of the store on the outside. The 69 cent store only sells things you can buy for a dollar. Only about half of the cars have gauges on the dashboards. CJ won't punch or kick while holding a camera. CJ can stand on top of a convertable vehicle as if it had an invisible roof. If you block traffic the cars behind you will honk - this includes Lowriders that are fitted with hydraulics - but if you drive that car there is no horn. There are no fire hydrants in any of the cities. Yes there are - a few in Chinatown in San Fiero. rats... CJ cannot be injured during the moment it takes to enter or exit a vehicle. The Gasso in Dillimore has Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on the counter by the front wall. In Blueberry Acres one city block north of Shady Industries, there are 4 farming areas. The southwest corner of the northeast farm has a telephone pole that is about 1/4 height. The rest of the pole is visible below ground. The airport in San Fiero has a layer of water underneath most of the southern side as well as under the runway out into Easter Basin. If you are walking through a carpeted interior (Atrium in Commerce) you can hear the crush of the carpet in your footfalls - but if you walk over stone or tile it still sounds like you're walking on carpet. If you break a bench that peds are sitting on (without scaring them away) the peds will continue sitting as if the bench was there, (try coming up behind it with a bike or car and clip the end of it hard enough to break it). The blades of the Combine Harvester only work if you're running over people. If you slam into a car that is behind a police car at a light so it hits the cop - the cop will get out and blame the other guy and start shooting at him. Also if you bail out of a car at high speed so it rolls over peds or cops after you're out - you won't get a wanted level. All plates on cars read "Los Santos", "San Fierro" or "Las Venturas" across the top - except for two. Those read "Hawaii" and "Massachusetts". The dumpsters in Los Santos have locks on them. If you walk into a police station carrying a gun or camera you instantly get a wanted level - but it's okay to walk in holding a knife. While using a vending machine and holding the 'Purchase' button down, you can target and use the Sniper Rifle, Heat Seeking RPG and Camera while CJ continues to eat.
  10. Hey, is it okay to post something ON topic? Yeah? Cool! I was in the Johnson house garage- just kicking around with my mini-gun, shooting streams of cops and the incoming vehicles when the FBI finally showed up. All 4 agents got out of the truck came into the garage and started beating me up - no guns, just bare hands even though I was still armed.
  11. The gang signs/tags/graffitti seen at night in the cemetery on the inside of the perimeter wall are only visible from 20:00 to 6:00. There are 8 signs total inside the cemetery and 2 on the outside of the wall. These are the same hours for car headlights, building lights and street lights to go on and off. There is an open grave in the cemetery, into which you cannot fall. Tall grasses move - as if gently wafting in the breeze. If you get stuck under a car you will die within moments but if you park on a ped for hours then drive away the ped will get up and leave. If there are a drink and snack machines next to each other: Press and hold the Purchase (drink or snack) button down, without lifting the button move to the other machine, CJ will continue making purchases on the new machine but will sound as if he is eating the other food item. BTW: it may cost you an extra buck to test this. ---------------------------------------------- 17 Jan '08 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Any vehicle with more than 4 wheels will always launch the front left wheel when it blows up. This includes Mower, Kart and Rhino. CJ doesn't chew his food. (mouth doesn't move when he eats) If you have acquired food to build up your health - your health bar will increase before you actually eat the food and your money counter will go down before you put the coin in the machine. CJ can knock down light poles and traffic light poles bare handed (average = 2 punches) without suffering damage. He can also destroy vehicles bare handed... just takes longer. You can break an aluminum light pole but not the glass lamp on it. If CJ jacks a vehicle from the passenger side he won't say anything unless there is a passenger in the seat. If you take off the Jet Pack while on a boat, car, plane or helicopter, the Jet Pack will fall through it and land on the ground. The visible flames from a Molotov can be seen for 1 hour 33 minutes (game time) +/- 5 minutes. Not all Molotovs will create flames. You can spread fire by catching yourself on fire then standing next to a vehicle. If you catch yourself on fire then get into a vehicle, it will catch on fire and explode. This works on motorcycles - but you have to do it twice. You can also blow up a Rhino this way. This will not work on a Fire Truck even if you see the flames from yourself while in the cab - if you back up you can see the flames coming out of the front of the vehicle it still will not burn. If you stand on the hood of a vehicle that is on fire - you won't catch on fire, any other flames will spread to you. Nitro will make your car accelerate faster - but it doesn't work in reverse.
  12. Sure, but Rockstar could review this input and make use of some of it in future games.
  13. That's likely the primary charm of the game - you're allowed to break the 'rules'.
  14. Yeah there is that - I'm used to other forums that only allow you five minutes after the original post for editing - after that it's a no-go. However since it's a prolonged option here I can take advantage of it. Of course that means your post isn't useless and you have to delete it One disadvantage to using the edit button is that it doesn't 'bump' the thread. Since this forum is largely made up of lurkers (just looking for info) and slackers (hey, let someone else do the work) then if there are no other members participating and posting on this type of activity then the thread continues to fall down on the active list... Now, with these thoughts in mind I'll compromise: Since there is no specific rule that requires the Edit button be used when adding additional information yet I've seen the issue raised before then how about I edit during the week yet create a new post the following week. This would limit the number of entries and at the same time would indicate the amount of energy and effort that goes into this type of endeavor. I see there is indeed some interest in this thread because the thread views continue to increase at a rate higher than the amount of new members joining the forums - this means people are coming back in for updates...
  15. Ability to drop or toss weapons (grenades, molotovs) from planes or helicopters
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