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  1. Nate10

    You still playing Combat Arms?

  2. make a mt3dx card!

  3. azn

    Another Azn Signature!

    I R BACK! Anyways, I have another sig for you all !
  4. azn

    The Toilet Seat

    I put it down sometimes to be honest, but holding doors, I don't do it to just ANYONE . Btw, male and female toilets............?
  5. That's the funny bit;) You sound like Chris Formage answering Lazlow's questions.
  6. azn

    Userbar Tutorial !

    Great tut Eazy Yes the font is Bank Gothic MD BT, also the font Rockstar uses oh so often on their website and games
  7. azn

    Three Word Story

    That came from
  8. azn

    Worth it?

    It's pure core GTA gameplay, except Rockstar somehow make it feel new again. These guys are geniuses, BUY THIS GAME!
  9. azn

    If they interest me I'll come back..maybe :P

  10. Hansui

    i think there are some recent developments in gang scene :P

  11. azn

    What am i missing out on :o

  12. Hansui

    lol yeah but don't miss the gang wars... :)

  13. azn

    When I get bored I'll go inactive again..