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  1. boomer


    Does anybody know how to make pedestrians(when they drive a truck) have a trailer on their tail
  2. boomer


    I've got Free AVG Anti-Virus and it has taken away my Gta_sa.exe Is AVG tricking me or is there something else?
  3. boomer

    Looking for a car?

    I was looking for a Opel Omega doesn't matter which version.
  4. boomer

    Editing the MAIN.SCR

    Does anybody know how to edit the main.scr manually or with a program Thanx in forward
  5. boomer


    Does anybody know how u can make truckers drive with a trailer+truck in Traffic
  6. boomer

    Hunter to pol mav

    Is it possible to convert the weaponry of the Hunter to the Police Maverick. If u know it plz tell my how
  7. Hi I've got a map with textures and all, but I thought can't I get vehicles stashed there, pedestrians walking there and a savegame icon to save your game there(if it's needed the map is called Verona Beach (Beta) v1, the map maker wasn't sure if he would make another one )
  8. boomer

    Cars on own maps

    (Well it isn't really my answer It shall be my fault ) I can drive over it but, I thought of other people in the game, how to make them drive there as a standard, I've got the highway plus miss liberty but there are no cars driving around nor stashed. But thanks
  9. boomer

    Cars on own maps

    Please help me I've got the highway installed but I wonder how you can make cars drive over it (I'm sorry if my english isn't what it should be, I'm dutch) Thanks in forward