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  1. Does anybody know how to make pedestrians(when they drive a truck) have a trailer on their tail
  2. I've got Free AVG Anti-Virus and it has taken away my Gta_sa.exe Is AVG tricking me or is there something else?
  3. I was looking for a Opel Omega doesn't matter which version.
  4. Does anybody know how to edit the main.scr manually or with a program Thanx in forward
  5. Does anybody know how u can make truckers drive with a trailer+truck in Traffic
  6. Is it possible to convert the weaponry of the Hunter to the Police Maverick. If u know it plz tell my how
  7. Hi I've got a map with textures and all, but I thought can't I get vehicles stashed there, pedestrians walking there and a savegame icon to save your game there(if it's needed the map is called Verona Beach (Beta) v1, the map maker wasn't sure if he would make another one )
  8. (Well it isn't really my answer It shall be my fault ) I can drive over it but, I thought of other people in the game, how to make them drive there as a standard, I've got the highway plus miss liberty but there are no cars driving around nor stashed. But thanks
  9. Please help me I've got the highway installed but I wonder how you can make cars drive over it (I'm sorry if my english isn't what it should be, I'm dutch) Thanks in forward
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