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  1. eh, i dont even have it installed...it hasnt run at all
  2. you use a program such as 3ds max, and you can import the pictures of teh front, sides, and back, and top, then model around them and create it.
  3. Hello, its me again. I am having trouble running GTA:SA in windows 7. I want to load SA:MP as well, but i cant even load the game, saying that the wrong disc is inserted. It is the original disc. I tried a crack, but when I used GTA:SA Patcher, then tried to run SA:MP, it said that the wrong version was installed(even thought the game says it was at 1.00.) any help is greatly appreciated. thanks!
  4. is modding gta:sa

  5. i have the very first version of the game...maybe thats y? or maybe cuz its...ummm..i dont have a key type of thing?
  6. that worked, but now wheneer i edit handling file it wont start the game until i put original file back
  7. someone probably has, check gta-worldmods.de, this site, gtainside.com, gtagarage.com, and any others!
  8. so sorry dude, u said "mod 4 gta" and my twisted mind read "mod gta 4" sorries
  9. I can install the models into the file using spark IV, but when i go to replace handling it wont save it, and if i save it in a different directory, then copy, then the game wont work. I am using Windows Vista. Any help?
  10. maybe...the car was made for a diff version of the game? idk and this damned nesquick ad is effing annoying, its covering my post button in fast reply
  11. aight, i'll see what i can do! but seriously, if its for gtaIV, post it in the GTA IV forum, kthnx
  12. hmm, I myself have been scouring the SA community, and have not been able to find one of that year range...ill let you know if i do. gta-worldmods.de has lots of great ones, check there.
  13. i wasnt able to find that specific car, but many older cars are located here at Gta-Classics Hope this helps!
  14. Yea man, thats cool. It just looks like the most kick-ass best TC mod for VC. ive tried almost all other ones, and I have to say that Yours and KillerKip's TC's are the best.
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