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  1. bourget09

    Windows 7 x64 and GTASA

    eh, i dont even have it installed...it hasnt run at all
  2. bourget09

    Vehicle Request: '73 El Camino

    you use a program such as 3ds max, and you can import the pictures of teh front, sides, and back, and top, then model around them and create it.
  3. bourget09

    Windows 7 x64 and GTASA

    Hello, its me again. I am having trouble running GTA:SA in windows 7. I want to load SA:MP as well, but i cant even load the game, saying that the wrong disc is inserted. It is the original disc. I tried a crack, but when I used GTA:SA Patcher, then tried to run SA:MP, it said that the wrong version was installed(even thought the game says it was at 1.00.) any help is greatly appreciated. thanks!
  4. bourget09

    problem installing car mods

    i have the very first version of the game...maybe thats y? or maybe cuz its...ummm..i dont have a key type of thing?
  5. bourget09

    problem installing car mods

    that worked, but now wheneer i edit handling file it wont start the game until i put original file back
  6. bourget09

    Looking for a car?

    someone probably has, check gta-worldmods.de, this site, gtainside.com, gtagarage.com, and any others!
  7. bourget09

    problem installing car mods

    k thanks, ill try that!
  8. bourget09

    Looking for a car?

    so sorry dude, u said "mod 4 gta" and my twisted mind read "mod gta 4" sorries
  9. bourget09

    problem installing car mods

    I can install the models into the file using spark IV, but when i go to replace handling it wont save it, and if i save it in a different directory, then copy, then the game wont work. I am using Windows Vista. Any help?
  10. bourget09

    Some custom cars dont show up/work...

    maybe...the car was made for a diff version of the game? idk and this damned nesquick ad is effing annoying, its covering my post button in fast reply
  11. bourget09

    Looking for a car?

    aight, i'll see what i can do! but seriously, if its for gtaIV, post it in the GTA IV forum, kthnx
  12. bourget09

    Looking for a car?

    hmm, I myself have been scouring the SA community, and have not been able to find one of that year range...ill let you know if i do. gta-worldmods.de has lots of great ones, check there.
  13. bourget09

    Looking for a car?

    i wasnt able to find that specific car, but many older cars are located here at Gta-Classics Hope this helps!
  14. bourget09

    Vice City Supreme

    Yea man, thats cool. It just looks like the most kick-ass best TC mod for VC. ive tried almost all other ones, and I have to say that Yours and KillerKip's TC's are the best.